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Coffee Maker Hash...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. hahah, you guys think you could take a coffee maker, fill the coffee bean part with really busted weed, and the water part with alcohol, and then just run the same alcohol through the maker with the same bud a few times...

    then boil all that down to make sorme hash???
  2. You could probly do that, but it would probably take too stick to the tried/true methods :D

  3. i wouldnt try it
    probably just because it doesnt make sense to me.
  4. sounds scarry kind of.... what happens when ur parents or whoever go to drink coffee and it taste's like straight funk

  5. then they realize how awesome weed makes them feel, and they become stoners too ;)
  6. I totally just had this idea. We could modify a coffee maker to be an Automatic QWISO Hash Machine... or a AQWISOHM 2000. Anyway, if you could get it to cycle the alcohol fast enough you could very precisely titrate the quality vs. quantity to exactly what you want.

    Obviously you would need to disable the heating element which then makes most coffee makers not work (usually the principle used to move water relays on heating the liquid). But you could always add an external fish tank pump.

    I might try this... because I can never soak my stuff for just the right amount of time.
  7. But would heating the alcohol help the extraction process? Because I know that alcohol itself takes several days to remove a majority of the THC from the plant matter. But I've also heard of using a double broiler to boil the alcohol and making the extraction time like 30 min's or so. This is an interesting idea, but would have to be very finely tweaked to get the maximum amount of THC from your bud.
  8. Yea, I think that's exactly why high proof drinking alcohol wouldn't work very well.

    But, I was thinking more along the lines of 91% ISO. It would be nice to make an automatic hash making machine by, not just using, but modifying a coffee maker.

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