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Coffee & Kush

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Kastro2011, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. I personally think these two drugs are perfect together. does anyone else feel as strongly about this as I do? I mean who doesnt love that first j with a nice coffee first thing in the morning? :smoke:
  2. I agree 110 % man. I never find myself without coffee or tea in the morning with a nice bong pack.
  3. Im fried up lol just smoked some bubble gum with some hash :)
  4. I swear I'm immune to caffeine, so I really don't see a difference. I'll try it again tomorrow morning and see how it is.
  5. I know ill be doing that tommrow morning
  6. Well I drink coffee black so no.

    Have you ever had a monster energy drink? Yeah I'm aware its mostly skater kid shit but they taste so fucking good, holy shit.
  7. Hell yeah man!
  8. Ganja and red bull FTW.
  9. dude green monster + sweet mary jane = orgy in your mouth !:hello:

  10. hey guys, theres an orgy in ismokeghudbud's mouth...everyones cuming!

    @op yes, coffee and a splif in the morning is my favorite...
  11. mm if coffee or kush wer drugs.... id think the coffee would offset the calm sleepyness of kush soo that brings me to wonder why u dont just get a sativa??
  12. Tree and Tea

  13. Some kush is sativa dominant:eek:
  14. coffee and a spliff is one of the better activities of the day

  15. most "kush" i ever got leaves me sleepy. ur right though but no1 regulates the blackmarket if what u get is actual kush or not

    dont mind me though im embittered by passing out on kush n wasting 20$/g to be asleep, so coffee might help that if i liked indica effects....
  16. hippy speedball.... i fucking love smoking joints and downing a pot of coffee, nothing gets me more fucked up...lol
  17. Nothing like pulling that perfect ristretto while toking away on a J.

    Coffee happens to be my other hobby :D

    Commercial lever machine ftw! (Astoria Rapallo 2gr exposed group in case any other coffee geeks are here/interested :p)
  18. Tea>coffee imo. Never much liked coffee... But tea and herb mix together very well. (In more ways than one :D)

  19. Ristretto = "Restricted" in italian

    It's sort of like a condensed espresso (but in the way that dank is sorta like heaps of regs... much more difference than that but that's the basics for you since you're stoned :p)


    mmmm espresso porn :D

  20. from what I've read on forums, America has a mix of awful cafes, okay cafes and a few great cafes. Either of the latter should serve ristretto, what city are you in?
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