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  1. So in 2 weeks I am going back to college. Last year I didn't have money to buy a coffee maker, and since I was in a small room with no room mate, I relied on getting coffee from the university cafe.

    Anyway, this year I have enough money and want to get something. I was going to get a regular autodrip machine, small and good to brew a few mugs before my 8:30 class.

    Anyway, I went to NYC for a few days and found a small coffee shop. It was close to closing time, so it was quiet. Anyway, I got to asking the guy who got my coffee/tea what he suggests. He showed me a simple pour-over filter and electric kettle. In case you don't know what that is, its basically a plastic cone that holds a coffee filter. Add coffee grinds and pour hot water. This helps since I can use the kettle to make tea as well without having to buy another device (since, with the coffee machine, it heats up the water inside, but not quite boiling).

    So, for those who actually know coffee very well (since others wouldn't be able to judge the results), how would you compare results and use of coffee makers vs a pour-over.
  2. I'm not an expert on coffee makers, but why not go to Walmart and get one for 20 bucks? They all do the same thing. You can get a good one for 20, or a programmable one that has a timer and has your coffee waiting on you when you wake up, but those are like 100 bucks.
  3. I'd recommend getting a small grinder, a French press and, an electric kettle-in my opinion, the optimal method for brewing coffee.
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    I have used a pour over filter for many years and actually like it better than any coffee maker ,french press,espresso maker i have had. I am the only one who drinks coffee at my home so its one cup at a time as rich as you like. The only thing I like better is the Clover press at $$tarbucks. Like Sunshine86 said buy a grinder and kettle too. My 2 cents
  5. I have decided to get a small pour-over and kettle, as it can make tea just as easy. With a coffee maker, I would have needed to get a kettle for tea anyway, so this is not only cheaper, but seemingly able to brew a noticeably better cup. Unless someone (sunshine/caeser) can come up with a compelling reason not to, I am pretty sure I will be getting this.

    As for a grinder, I will wait to see where I will get my beans. I go to a small school in a village without easy access to a city, so the only steady source of coffee I can get is my school licensed Sun Roasters, which comes pre-ground.
  6. If you're just making coffee for yourself then a pour-over is kind of ideal. They're small, easy to use and clean (which is why I like them over the French press -- which produces a better cup of coffee but requires a little more time/effort to use and clean). It makes one cup of coffee, bam, grounds in the compost, you're done.
  7. Don't fuck around with autodrip, do what I do, get an espresso maker and drink an entire mug of it black before you go to class. That will wake you the hell up.

  8. I second this advice. French press coffee is the best.
  9. Tassimo is prety good, i was sceptical at first but it's worth the $100! besides you can have starbucks every morning from home.

    Amount of money we spend on disks is same as when i used to buy pound of organic coffee beans for grinding!
  10. I'm trying to start a university cafeteria oriented, and I'm definitely leaning towards a super car. However, I've been a barista for about six months, with an automatic transmission, and I'm a little worried by the rises.

  11. Definitely. If you're super hard up for cash, you can skip the grinder and either used ground coffee(not optimal but it works) or buy it in bulk at the market and grind it there. You could also skip the kettle and boil your water in a pot.

    But if you can afford it, go with what this dude suggests. Do it, just do it.
  12. those keurig brewers. all the coffee comes in individual plastic cups, its programmable, and you don't need to make a whole pot.(haha pot) i got one as a gift, its great. Makes tea and hot chocolate too

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