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Coffee Grinder for Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by FL Chronic, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Does it Work?Cause i dont have a grinder and i dont want to buy a grinder
  2. coffee beans are a lot harder than weed, i think if you put some bud in that grinder it'll get stuck inside instead of in the collector thingy. but i dunno. plastic grinders are like 3 dollars anyway.
  3. I got a grinder you can have. I no longer use it.
  4. coffee grinders are awsome just make sure there is no coffee left in it before you use it.

    a few seconds is all whats from buds to packing your bowl. and they build up verry good quality kief in the bottom of the lid just make sure you keep it upright whenever your grinding.
    i have one that i use soley for grinding buds.
  5. It worked great for me, but it all depends on your coffee grinder.
    Put in like .5 and see if it works before you put in any more.
  6. Yeah, that.

    Or if you have no coffee grinder, and you happen to be a stoner w/ mason jars:
    Tip: Blender and Mason Jar | Simply Recipes
  7. ive done this before and i also just recently bought a sharpstone grinder...

    coffee grinder - grinds very very fine, the problem is, it throws the keif all over the sides etc making it hard to capture.

    real weed grinder - grind is not as fine which i like better and has a keif catcher so you don waste it all

    id say a coffee grinder works in a pinch but not for everyday use. if you need to grind an ounce at once, then maybe a coffee grinder isnt a bad idea haha
  8. i would say that a coffee grinder is quite acceptable for everyday use. once you learn how to use your grinder you can achive either roughly broken up or fine buds much faster simpler and easyer then hand grinders scissors or your hands. they also fluff the buds out where when i chop them with scissors its allmost like you are compressing the bud when you chop. i really must write a guide with lots of pics as with the know how can produce a wonderful smoking mix with grams of keif after a few weeks/month use.

  9. You should definitely do that dude!

  10. True. I use my coffee grinder for finer grinds, and it has a pretty thick layer of keif on the sides. I'll scoop some out on occasion for a bowl top.
  11. Old post I know but I was looking for people's opinions on coffee grinders vs regular herb grinders. I have been using coffee grinders ever since I started and the only problem I have is that I lose some keif when it gets stuck to the blades/lid/sides. It only takes about 3-5 seconds to grind up almost any amount, and with a little bit of practice you can get it to the exact consistency you want (fine/powder vs small nugs)

  12. Hell yea dude! I totally forgot about this post XD hah
  13. It should work but its made to grind up hard as fuck coffee beans not soft weed nugs
  14. I used an empty salt grinder and it is nice and ground up
  15. Use the coffee grinder its awesome you get a ltta kief too i use too use one easest thing in the world
    Just dont grind it up too much
  16. Also when you ur ina pinch you can scrape the inside and get kief out my grinder had a black piece in the bowl that you could use the scrape excess powder with
  17. this weirds me out so much...i was always told to be gentle with the shit and that the tricomes (spelling?) are delicate and the heat from the grinder can destroy the potency. I love my hand grinder though but yeah i guess i just dig the "whole bean" theory with the weed as well: that it will stay fresher and more potent if you grind it by hand just before smoking. I am smoking a batch that has ground versus not ground though and trying to compare to see if there really is a difference. i mean it just *seems* like it would hurt it though, you know?
  18. i use a coffee grinder when i grind up OZ's at a time for hash...other than that im using scisors all the way, also, you can just iso wash your coffee grinder to get all of the kief out
  19. what about for the everyday regular weed smoker though? seems too brutal! :D

    What do you do with the iso wash does that mean iso alcohol? and then how do you extract from that?
  20. Have a brush handy to sweep off the powder from the near water proof basket of a coffee grinder.
    Brushing is God's finger sweeping over the face of my finite supply.

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