Coffee Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by DRoXiK, May 12, 2011.

  1. What's in your cup?
    thats how I take my cup. Got to love coffe, how could we ever be as efficient as we are without it?
  3. A much lesser version of Dr.Panda's; Drip with hazelnut creamer and, oh yeah, WEED.
  4. Double double, sometimes I put no cream but nothing like a nice double double
  5. Currently sipping on some fine ass Circle K gas station Coffee (gaggggg) makes me wanna do a french press in the morning
  6. For the last 10 years..
    Dunkin Doughnuts, X-large, hazelnut, cream and sugar

  7. [​IMG]

    My favorite brand, of which I'm currently brewing their Restaurant Blend.

  8. Vanilla Creme blend from Stop n Shop. It smells like a cake and tastes like love.
  9. oh yeah i totally dig Papa Nicholas, good call on that one
  10. I don't care as long as its loaded with caffeine
  11. have any of you guys ever gotten that coffee from the gas stations with like extra caffeine in it? scares the shit out of me

  12. This. But with milk and sugar. Except Starbucks, hate Starbucks...

  13. I Prefer Caribou when avail
  14. all about tim hortons
  15. isn't he the p90x guy?

  16. Tony Horton?

  17. oh yeah, true story

  18. Tim hortons medium hazelnut coffee 2 splenda no cream, blegh. But this is my typical morning hahah! Perfect

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  19. im all about the Truvia .. i nixed splenda and all those sweeteners a long time ago.. they tasted sooooo artificially dusty and blah !
  20. I've heard so much about it but I haven't tried it yet- i mostly get it with splenda cuz thats the best tasting one i've had so far and tim hortons mixes it right in for ya! I will definitely have to give truvia a try when i go shopping later! thanks man

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