Coffee and weed

Discussion in 'General' started by winterfresh420, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. diet coke or sunkist and weed :smoke:
  2. every morning

  3. I didn't know there was a diet coke... oh wait... :smoking:
  4. When im smoking i drink a shitload, so i usually get an Arizona cuz there's a lot of drink for a low price.

    But if your talking about waking up on your day off from work and sitting on the porch with a joint and a cup of coffee, there's nothing better bro.
  5. lmao.
  6. no better way to start the morning that sittin out on the porch with a big mug of coffee and a smoke of dank and just watchin a tree grow.
  7. This man speaks of the truth.

  8. coffee and weed at any part of the day i drink two pots of coffee a day
    and yes! on my back porch
  9. Ain't that the truth?
  10. Never sat outside with a j and a cup of coffee, but I can only imagine how great it must be. I love drinking anything with caffeine when I smoke. Smoking can make me tired sometimes so it's nice to have that caffeine wake me up so I have a nice alert high.
  11. [​IMG]

    I love espresso - although some find it too bitter . . . .
  12. im a huge coffee lover. can't wait too move out 2morrow, into my own house at school. theres a nice sunroom, view of the ocean... i'm certainly wakin up every morning before class, sitting out on the porch, enjoying a ncie cup of coffee, and a freshly rolled J. this year is going to be the balls!
  13. There are no bad days when you start off like that...!


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