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CODEPINK May 21-24: Show your disgust at the actions of Israel and its supporters..

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokinP, Apr 17, 2011.

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  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmM2HAImn0M&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Palestinian Author and Human Rights Advocate Nadia Hijab: It's Time to Move Over AIPAC[/ame]
  3. Jews control the media and run the central banks, eh? Funny how all you have to do is mention Israel and the bigots will come running.
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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VDYGLY1WBQ&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - AIPAC Staffer Explains AIPAC's Tactics[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jDIfFEUrcQ&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Student Outreach at AIPAC[/ame]
  5. Code pink has all kinds of ties to anti-semitic people and groups. Case in point:

    Helen Thomas to Offer Keynote Speech Protesting Netanyahu, Accept Award from Radical Group Code Pink | NewsBusters.org
    I also love how they're called a "pacifist organization" when they've openly supported Hamas.
  6. How is Helen Thomas anti-semitic ?

    Is anyone who dares criticize Israel an anti semite ?
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    You're starting to sound like a broken record man. It's obviously not for "daring to criticize" Israel. It is for contending that All JEWS should go back to "Poland and Germany," the land where not only their kind was almost obliterated from the earth, but also where, upon actually returning from the death camps, Jews faced MORE pogroms and many were killed in front of their houses by mobs of locals. But of course, you're more interested in your racist-appeasing semantics than truth, so don't let me interrupt!
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    I knew you would play dumb. For one she specifically calls out Jews. Something you closet anti-Semites don't usually do, instead using the word "Zionism". Why don't you go tell the "blacks" to go back to their country and see how that plays out?


    Helen Thomas: 'Israelis Want to Take Palestinian Homes and Land and Water and Kill Their Children' | NewsBusters.org
    And this gem:

    I thought she was a journalist? Yet, she didn't know about this:

    Hate crimes up against religious groups, new FBI numbers show - Faith & Reason
    so Jews actually have the highest rate of hate crimes committed against them. Why does this woman call out Jews specifically, tell them to "go home", refers to them as "those people" and spews hyperbolic rhetoric about Jews wanting to kill Palestinian children.

    This woman would fit right in with the KKK or skin heads. From her interview with Playboy:


  9. Helen said that the Jews should leave Palestine.

    But as an extremist fanatical Zionist i understand how you could have misinterpreted what she said in a rage of bile and hate...

    I will not be replying to your JDL style thread spoiler posts in this one dear dude so please run along and spread your hateful propaganda elsewhere...
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    Ding ding ding! Strawman alert. I am actually just a normal Zionist - standing for a democratic Israeli state with 1967 borders + a few land swaps. And, buddy, I'm not the one who interpreted what she said, she was crystal clear and was speaking very literally. It's too bad you have to try to pin labels on me, you must really be grasping at straws trying to defend such loony anti-semites.

    You always say you won't reply, but you always do. So whatever you say, my racist-appeaser comrade.
  11. oh so you dont remember the part where we brought them over on ships and used them as slaves or anything?

    cant really use that argument buddy. nice try though, racist.
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    The infamous interview with the Rabbi...
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc4OeRu7cfs]YouTube - Helen Thomas Complete (original)[/ame]

    I cannot see what Helen said that was so bad...
    She has a problem with the state of Israel (like a lot of us) and calls out their brutal treatment of the Palestinian people.
    This does not mean that she has a problem with non Israeli Jews.. Not all Jews are Israelis. In fact a lot of Jews are ashamed and disgusted by Israels behavior...

    I applaud Helen Thomas and her courage in speaking out against Israel...:hello:

    A longer interview with her regarding the Middle East, Israel and US policy...
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igtAlG-uMPw]YouTube - The real news-Helen Thomas interview.mp4[/ame]
  13. I don't see how any citizen and taxpayer of the United States could support AIPAC, they serve Israel's interests, not ours.

    What would Israel do if the Arab population started reproducing at a higher rate than Jews, and eventually became the majority?
  14. lol wat?

    She did more than one interview, which I posted. Why are you ignoring that? Did a JEW write it?
  15. Arabs are 20% of the Israeli population, and their reproduction rates aren't that much faster than Jews'. It wont happen. Answering this question would be like answering, what would the Arabs do if the Jewish Settler population rose faster than the Arab population in Palestine. It's about as likely as your scenario. Obviously I don't give a fuck, they would just have to leave their Dogma at the door.

  16. I was looking for a transcript of said interview...
    Here ---> Playboy Interview with Reporter Helen Thomas, April 2011 Playboy Magazine

    I agree with nearly all that Helen has to say here...
    It would help the US no end if more public figures and academics spoke out against the brutality of Israel.

    I have stated here on numerous occasions that i have no problem whatsoever with those of the Jewish religion...
    What i do have a problem with is Israel and its supporters...

    Not all Jews are Israelis...
    Not all Jews support Israel.

    To criticize the behavior and actions of Israel and its citizens is not having a pop at Jews.
    It is having a pop at Israelis...
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    Yes, you just have a problem with people of Jewish ethnicity. Specifically those who enjoy determining their own political future with autonomy.

    Funny, cause Helen Thomas was saying JEWS not Israelis. Not all anti-Semites are as good as you are at pretending they're not anti-Semitic. "Did a JEW WRITE THAT?" Come on dude, you're such an anti-Semite, why bother with the semantics anymore.
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    QFT +5billion points. I'm going to go to this rally and bring my Ghetto Blaster and just play 'When I was a Yout' every time the Israel Lobby says something.

    Who's interests do AIPAC serve more?, America's, or Israels? Oh Israels? Okay, then gtfo of my country & stop wasting my resources and tax dollars. That money needs to be allocated to proper infrastructure projects within My country.... because as you can see, my country is starting to fall the fuck apart.

    Sorry Israel, we're cool and all, but we just cant afford to be friends with you guys anymore. Well Good Luck!

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