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Codenames We Used When We Were Younger

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by CaliKushSmoker, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. i was always a big fan of...

    "wanna get cheezed"

    or "lets go get some juice"

    i donno works for me
  2. i work at a golf course so when ever we want to smoke we just say were gonna go to the range (our smoking spot) and hit some balls (weed). a guy that used to work there would sell and we would ask for a ball (gram) sleeve of golf balls (8th) and so on...
    my buddy had a bong we called the driver. bowls were irons. we had so many golf realted code words. i forgot most of them though.
    if it was dank the balls would be proV1s
  3. Get cheefd up (get high)...man im cheefd up right now ( super high)... Got any tires? my dealer is on fb to and to keep it low key i ask him on fb if he has any good tires? lol i dunno.

    Another is i got my goofey boots on (im high) man im bout to strap up my goofey boots (get high) man i bought these bomb ass moon boots (got some chron).
  4. We used to keep our bud in a Altoids tin, so whenever we wanted to smoke, we would say, "Hey, man you got any mint?" :D
  5. my brother and i had ones when iwas lie10 11 idkit seems like ages ago.
    we would say black and white was nexopia ( lol )
    videogames weed
    dvds alcohol. ..
    0the last two me and my friend would tal about all the time at school ..
  6. ME and my friend had Teacher Assistant as a class last semester(were both seniors) and we'd be directly in front of the Secretary, Principal, and deans talking about weed. Our conversations went like this.

    Me: Hey man so this weekend you wanna go and play Halo(smoke) at Nicole's(our friend whose house is chill).
    Him: Yea dude i just got a new Xbox(piece).
    Me:Sweet i just bought GDP(at the time Grand daddy was goin around).
  7. When we were 15 my buddy bought a zong off the Internet, we would refer to it as an 'Airsoft gun' and bud was 'bb's'. Bigger pieces were rifles and pipes and other small pieces were pistols.

    Not that great of codewords especially when I would tell my parets we were having an airsoft war and I wouldn't even take one oft actual airsoft guns with me
  8. Lol me and my friends called it chocolate it would go like hey wanna go eat/buy some chocolate really simple
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    Lol "let's get chocolate wasted"
  10. Wasn't any need to, when I was on the phone with my mom i ALWAYS was like "pass the rocks!", or "pass the bong bro!" So she always thought i was joking, so sooner or later I could be like "Pass the bong" with her thinking I'm joking hahahaha :smoke:
  11. I just saw grown ups the other day ha
  12. When I was in HS and colledge and still on campas we would refer to it as "Studying" and "Going to the library" was picking up.

    Its pretty funny because in my last year of college this girl said "Oh .... graduated with honers, its probably because he studied so much on break."

    Man...I feel old lol

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