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  1. Hey everybody, just got a couple questions for the city tonight.
    I just got 3 codeines from a good friend, he said that all three would get me really fucked up. Is there anything i should know before taking them? Any info is apreciated, thanks all.
  2. You should know you probably wont get fucked up. Codeine sucks imo. I assume they are tylenol 3's
  3. Im sorry to hear that, my friend does have a tendency to exagerrate things. I dont think theyre tylenol 3's, theyre light orangish with a big m on one side and the numbers 751 on the other if that info is helpful at all.
  4. do a google search to find out exactly what they are then search erowid.
  5. You'll feel good and relaxed, but it can fuck up your digestion. Like, when you do shit, It's hella big and hurts coming out.

    Don't laugh at my post, just tryin' to help out a stoner brother, know?
  6. what shape? Ive never seen orange codeine Ill look them up.
  7. Theyre round. also, ive already taken 3 tylenols today just for a headache, could they have acitometophen (excuse the spelling) in them? (the codeine that is) cus im not looking to fuck up my liver, would it matter? And my boy just said if i sprinkle like half on a bowl i'll feel great im gonna try that, sounds like fun.

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