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codeine tolerance? codeine with beer?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by HighVibes, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. hey blades, so i took 190 mg of codeine last night, it and was fuckin awesome, it felt great. ive got about 120 mg left, and i wanna take it tonight, cuz i cant smoke, but will i have tolerance? would it be better to wait till tomorrow night? btw, im only 130 lbs and a senior in high school. ive also got a beer, and some enough to gabapentin (neurontin) to get me pretty messed up. would those mix well with the codeine? thanks GC.
  2. One beer wont do anything, and your tolerence wont make much of a difference but remember you are taking less so you wont feel it as much.

    Edit: I meant one beer wont do anything bad. Just dont over do it.
  3. tolerance or not, you're gonna end up taking the pills and drinking the beer too

    so basically; have fun (ahead of time!)
  4. Take it on a empty stomach (or as close to empty as possible) than 1-2 beers will have you feeling realllllly good man.

    Make sure you are hungry and the 1-2 beers will make a good impact:devious:
  5. i know but will i get higher off the codeine if i take it tomorrow night, instead of tonight, because of tolerance. thats mainly what i wanna know.
  6. No, you wont.
  7. also, anybody know anything about the gabapentin (neurontin)? its a pretty uncommon drug, so im not surprised if most of you dont have an answer to my question about it.
  8. i dont consider gabapentin a recreational drug
  9. Just check out erowid man.
  10. most wouldnt but if you take 1800 mg or more (im 130 lbs and i usually take 2000 mg when i do it) you do get high. euphoria, some dopamine release, some trails, maybe some slide show vision, vertigo. and it also puts you in a great mood. but its mainly good when weeds smoked with it.
  11. I wouldnt recommend taking all three since there are no reports on erowid with it mixing with opiates but it is safe to mix with some alcohol, just for future reference. Remember just dont over do it and youll be safe.
  12. not like im proud to say it, but back in highschool i od'ed on neurontin.
    moral of the story, ya just dont fuck with it.
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