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  1. how is it that leanin' is so popular in the south, but not anywhere else? i don't have the slightest idea how to even come across some. sure, some old people and injured people have them, but none that were willing to give it up.

    is it just more tolerated in south, or what? DONT LEAVE ME OUT. I WANT TO LEAN :smoke:
  2. There is a lot more access to prescription drugs in the south... A LOT. Prices are more than 4x what they were in Florida up here in Seattle.

    It's just normal economics, when things are really cheap you get a lot when they're expensive you don't.
  3. i just went to the hospital last night and got some cough syrup with codiene its the stuff in robitussin instead of promethazine then also has codeiene i had a cough haha
  4. i'm getting my second bottle of lean and this time for free

    first time i paid 30 bucks for a full sprite bottle

    i live in NJ which isn't in the south lol
  5. I wish I could get some of that shit down here around Tampa.. You can't seem to find shit other than roxies down here.
  6. cha ive always tried to keep an eye out for some lean but no one around here even mentions it....

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