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Codeine laced Blunt?

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by ~Blue Skys~, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. I have liquid codeine. I was wondering if i could lace a blunt with it. But im not sure on how to do it. Do i make the blunt, the dip it in the Codeine? Or spread the liquid on the wrapper, then roll it?

  2. im guessing u would dip the whole blunt in the codeine and let it dry. but i personally wouldnt take the risk of ruining the blunt and the codeine, i would rather drink the codeine and then smoke the blunt, or maybe u could dip you finger into the codeine and then kinda rub ur finger onto the blunt, and kinda rub the codeiene into the blunt, let it dry then smoke it
  3. i say break the swisher dip that and let dry then roll it up that way the bud doesnt get affected by the liquid
  4. My friend has loaded it up and said it was the best marijuana experience of his life. The details on how to..I do not know. It will laced then dried in some fashion!
  5. dip it babe
  6. do not dip it. that will just get it too wet and itll take forever to dry. what i do is roll the blunt. then pour some lean into the cap and dip my finger in it and spread it all around the blunt. let it dry for a little while like maybe 5-10 mins. spark and enjoy:smoking:

    it is definitely a noticable different kinda high :smoking:

  7. ^^^do not listen

    dip it babe.:cool:
    you know you want to.

  8. Hahahahaha
  9. if you dip it itll take forever

    just use a q-tip and rub it all over
  10. a q-tip? seriously? just roll up the swisher, and dab your fingers in the codeine and just spread it on there lightly. dont dip it or put a whole bunch on there, just spread an even amount with your fingers onto the blunt/cigarrette.
  11. he knows whats up
  12. Some really good ideas for spreading it, but I usually just dip that shit right in, and let it dry.
  13. Haha dipping it would have that shit drenched, when I did it I just spooned some out into the blunt and spread it around. I should have let it dry a bit longer as it was crackling when I smoked it, but it had me gone.
  14. Yeah, don't dip it. Break the blunt and coat a little on the inside and roll her up and then coat the outside well. I personally put it in the cap and spread it with my finger. Then I stick it in the freezer for a little bit.

    It got me fucked up the few times I've done it. I see why they call it "lea" (even though that's promethazine with codeine, I was stuck for a good while. I wish I could get codeine easier.
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    Alright man...Despite what everyone says if you wanna get the full experience DO NOT DIP your blunt in codiene..

    Here's why..

    First off .. you most likely don't have just a codiene elixir, its in a syrup with alot of other shit...regardless... codeine will start to degrade at about 150F degrees..so do the math..

    i would suggest just gettin a cup, powin' on up(mix with sprite if you feeling like being black), and smokin a blunt and takin huge rips cuz the codeine is an anti-tussive and helps you not cough..

    everyone gets tendencies to dip blunts with stuff and but crushed pills and other bs that most of the time would never work...just trust me on this if you try to smoke codiene your gonna be getting like 2% bio-availability..

    so...thats my 2 cents take it or leave it

    edit: so ya looking at these (uneducated) responses i am hoping you really take notice to this so you don't waste your stuff and get a nasty tasting blunt...the sugar in the syrup will carmelize as its being burnt and the codeine will be destroyed before being vaporized and inhaled; additionally codeine needs to be converted into morphine via your liver and enzyme CYP2D6
  16. I've never smoked this shit on my weed, but to those of you who have.... does it taste like shit?

    Because that codeine cough syrup makes me gag. :p

  17. Truth. Every single word. Drink that shit in a sprite with a jolly rancher in it and listen to some weezy f baby.
    Happy tokin broski
  18. this is a whole bunch of bs. smoke one the way we "uneducated" people told you how to do it and let us know how you feel haha.
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    I've done this a few times. Just roll the blunt then dab your fingers in the codeine and run your fingers up and down the blunt to cover it then take a flame to it to let it dry up a little then you should be good to go :) :smoking:

    It doesn't taste all that bad but for some reason it made me cough like a bitch both times I tried it. I'm not sure if it was because of wind burning the blunt faster.
  20. doesn't taste too bad, focks your shit up :)


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