Code-words for weed

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  1. What are some of yours? The scenario is you are around people and you have to mention it tot your friends. I've been so creative with this lol. "We gotta pick up our p
  2. Uppies". Or I need "love" . 4gms of love lol
  3. When I was younger my buddies and I always used the code word 'soup' for weed.

    What does soup go into? A bowl :smoke:
  4. Lol good one
  5. This never really comes up. My friends and I talk about bud pretty openly.

    That's it by the way. Bud.
  6. "happiness", "spice", "laughter" and "flowers"
  7. Smoke some flowers? Lol
  8. Lol, I never use these words with smoke. I would be like: "Dude, don't we have to buy some flowers for "someones" birthday"

    Technically bud is a flower
  9. We just say bud, it's kinda funny how we talk about it in public places "So im putting 5 on the bud and Bobs putting 10"
  10. "lets hangout with clayton"
    I don't need a code word though, it's more of an inside joke.
  11. Love is a good one
  12. TREES it's probably the one thing we continually use but it's not exactly a code name..

    But I mean we'll talk about going in together for a "slice"

    A lot of my smoking buds will just ask if I'm down to "chill" which means lets spark up biiitch!
  13. Dragons. More of a joke with my friends but I will still use it around other people sometimes. Slaying dragons is smoking, going questing is buying, having a feast is well, feasting on dragons. :) But feasting also means just chilling after with a group. And like when you eat a bunch and just want to relax. So feasting kinda means all that together. So to recap I use slaying, questing and feasting. Slaying most often of course.

    Most people know I'm a big Tolkien/history/fantasy guy so when people hear "hey want to go slay a dragon later?" it could mean anything to them. I think it's a pretty good code system.
  14. We made "shoes" our code
  15. Superhero movies on dvd.

    "Yo man, mind if I pick up Green Lantern/The Dark Knight/Avengers tonight."
  16. We call it jet fuel. The bong is the jet which takes us way up high. So when we are high we just call it flying the jet.
  17. Stuff. Tomato Plants. Yeah, we're really stealth.
  18. I used to call my dealer and say

    Can I pick up some milk lol
    Or fish
  19. When me and my friends we're younger and needed money for weed, we would always tell my parents we we're going bowling.

    So "bowling strikes" is forever our code word for getting high.

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