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Discussion in 'General' started by FuzzyNug, Jun 5, 2009.

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    Alright What's up guys,

    I was Just wondering does anyone have an Xbox 360 with the game Call of Duty World At War and play hardcore search and destroy? I'd like to add you then and Play,
    That would be sweet to play with some of you GrassCity-ers.

    My gamertag is Fuzzy Wigglers
    Feel free to add me
  2. hell yea man, I just got my internet back up and running today...

  3. hate that game.

    cock of dooty 4 fa life seen
  4. Modern Warfare > World at War.
    No Xbox live at the moment, need to get my Xbox fixed. :(

    This suits the gaming subforum best.

  5. lick my a$$hole
  6. i play but im all about groundwar, its so badass

  7. Sorry, I figured more people would look here though, and I've been wanting
    to play with grasscity members and Alot more people look in general
  8. No negative vibes intended, maybe just ask a mod to move it for you. :cool:
  9. i always lick the asshole of the person i'm about to rape.

    you nerdy shit
  10. damn, no need to get frisky in this thread...
  11. Hell yeah, but I don't have Xbox Live ATM.

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