Coconut Water in Compost Teas, Foliar Spays

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  1. I have been looking this up recently and was wondering if any of you guys have had expereance using it and the effects it had .
    Was thinking of adding some to a Compost Tea or diluting it for a Foliar Spray
    Some info i found on it.
    [SIZE=12pt]Some of the most interesting components of coconut water are the plant growth hormones, particularly cytokinins. Cytokinins are a group of hormones that regulate growth, development, and aging. In some respects they are similar to human hormones with a similar name of cytokines. Cytokinins are also known as anti-aging hormones. Cytokinins regulate cell division and influence the rate at which plants age. Depending on the amount of cytokinins present, the aging process in plants can be either accelerated or retarded. One of the active sites of cytokinin production is in the roots. From here the hormone is carried by the sap throughout the plant-much like our bloodstream disperses hormones. Portions of plants that are deprived of cytokinins age faster than normal, Conversely, if additional cytokinins are added to a plant, normal aging is retarded. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12pt]Coconut water contains a complex blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, antioxidants, enzymes, health enhancing growth hormones, and other important nutrients. [/SIZE]
    According to a 2009 article in Current Science, the purity of coconut water makes it an ideal medium in which to grow a type of bacteria that is beneficial to plant propagation. Rhizobacteria exerts "a positive influence on the plant growth especially under stress conditions," according to the article. The rhizobacteria is thought to not only promote more rapid root formation but to create a barrier for diseases that could kill the roots and ultimately the entire plant.
    While coconut water seemed to have no effect on leaf production and seedling weight in tests reported in the Current Science article, there was a measurable difference in the height and shoot weight of the plants when treated with coconut water. 
    • <div><div>In further research conducted in 2008 at the University of Karachi in Pakistan, kiwi seedlings showed significantly higher growth activity when treated with a coconut water solution than those that were not. Decay was also more rapid in plant shoots not treated with coconut water. The decay was reversed once the shoots were returned to the coconut water solution.

    • The plants used in the experiments performed better if the bacterial growth medium was produced using coconut water. In India, a major producer of black pepper, plant propagation is done using cuttings from plant runners. Farmers there routinely treat the cuttings with coconut water before transferring them to nurseries.


    Water - 95.5%
    Nitrogen - 0.05%
    Phosphoric Acid - 0.56%
    Potassium - 0.25%
    Calcium Oxide - 0.69%
    Magnesium Oxide - 0.59%

    Iron - 0.71
    Total solids - 4.71
    Total Sugars - 2.08
    Ash - 0.62
    Soduim - 12mg
    Calcium - 20mg
    MAGNESIUM - 12 mg
    POTASSIUM - 224mg
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    I use it for both foliar in veg and a soil drench in flower. you've got the reasons. Along with aloe, It also helps immensely conditioning soil that has become hydrophobic.
  3. No much are you putting in per gallon of each?
  4. how much do you use??
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    1/4 c per gallon. Foliar or drench.

    C4's not around so much these days...
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    1/4 - 1 cup per gallon of water.... love seeing people use the Search function, finding old threads....
    Edit: Wak beat me to it.....
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  7. ye man thanks for the info both of you...bless up
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    Hey, necroing this post a bit. But I was wondering if these would work for coconut water and aloe. If so, 1/4 c of one of the waters and 1/4 c aloe per gallon? New gardener here, just did a supply run to see what I could find at the store. Using 60%foxfarms 40%perilite as a medium.

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  9. Sorry bud...I personally wouldn't use any of those. None are organic, the aloe isn't pure, and chances are the process used to produce the coconut water destroyed most of the goodies. For aloe look for Lilly of the desert brand or 200x powder and for coconut water either harmless harvest or blue monkey. Buildasoil has both aloe and coconut water in powders and has probably the best deal on 200x aloe powder.

  10. Ok thanks, was just being hopeful haha. Seem to be ordering everything, was giving the local store some love. Found the aloe in the pharm section and the coconut near the beer heh. Would a raw coconut work?
  11. Yes. Fresh young coconuts. They kinda have a point on the end and are white. You can get them at most Asian markets. Don't waste time looking for organic because you more than likely won't find any. You could also use sprouted corn tea for soil drenches for similar affects...both contain high levels of cytokins but you wouldn't want to use the corn as foliar.

  12. at what rate do you apply and what stages of growth and flower
  13. I use coconut water and aloe in water every other watering
  14. If I had Organic Aloe & Coconut water, do Imix both of them 1/4 cup each in the same gallon of water?
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