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  1. Hey guys first time grow of what I think is northern lights. Just started flowering, a little late, 2 days ago. In 5 gal bucket with ffof soil under 600w led in pvc and panda film diy tent. Only feeding organic unprocessed green coconut water, 15 ml per liter every 3 ot 4 days. Gave a tsp molasses in last watering. What do yall think? Any advice or tips are appreciated.
    Thanks guys

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  2. Looks ok to me so far.
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  3. definitely going to need some sticks. those branches are really thin and hopefully the buds will be heavy. keep more airflow on the babies next time.
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  4. Thanks so much! I will get some supports. Also I just noticed today some red on petrioles a deficiency sign or just due to it beginning flowering 2 days ago?
  5. dont stress it. actually dont stress anything. if weird colors get out of hand ask around. until then just study up. go to or something like that. you got this. stay positive and dont over water. ur doing great.
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  6. its fine. just the color of the plant.
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  7. Thanks so much!

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