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Coconut oil?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by TrueTaylor, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Planning on making coconut oil with a ratio of 7g/0.5cup making 24 doses each about 0.3g will this get the average stoner high???

  2. How many doses per person? Not likely that .3 will get too many people high.
  3. Dude up there wrong .3g =300mg right? Which definatley get super stoner naptime for sure. 50-100mg high recreational dose starting medicinal dose. Would get 20 high if y'all don't munchie them and sleep 18+hours
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  4. 7g hash or extract I hope not bud right? ..if bud a quarter ounce good for three if decarbed and simmered right but o woulddecarb mix with oil and bake eating plant matter too for all the terpenes and less considered parts of plant. May not taste as good but get u baked for reel.
  5. it goes double to what you smoke to get high. so .25g to feel good then .5gs with a 1g max for you first time

  6. .3 grams of cannabis is not 300 mg of THC. .

    .3 grams of cannabis does not equal 300 mg unless the cannabis was 100% THC
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  7. sorry guy, I don't see cannabis OR THC in above equation,
    if it's supposed to be assumed 'cannabis' then at what THC % ...
    since there is no THC percentage one might assume ...

    scientific ASSuMPTIONS ?

  8. I see your math "skills " are the same everywhere you post.
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    "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with experience." ~Mark Twain
  10. If I wanted to spend all day involved with a#%>^%]\ I would have become a proctologist.
  11. Don't forget to factor potency in any equation. Whether it be from an extract and from full flower, one must take into account these percentages to determine proper dosage. And yes, 1g=1000mg.
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  12. Yes 1 g =1000mg, however if you have cannabis that is 20 % THC and you use 7 grams of cannabis and get 100 % extraction you would have 1400 mg of THC. if you divide 1400 mg by 24 people you have 58 mg of THC per dose.
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  13. Coconut oil contains high levels of saturated fatty acids. This factor makes it a good oil for creating strong marijuana infusions, medicinal edibles, and topicals. The combo is good for people on high-fat healing diets for Epilepsy, Cancer and Alzheimer’s. Also, it may be great for paleo people and vegans.

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