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Coconut Canna Oil Recipe

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by buzznar, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone!

    I haven't worked with coconut oil before but I've have a lot of experience with vegetable oil. I usually do the double boiler method using 1oz of trim for 2 cups of oil . It has always turned out amazing :smoke:

    I was wondering what are your guys' recipe for coconut cannaoil. What is the ratio of trim to coconut oil that you would use?

    I found a super helpful type from a fellow member (ChinaRider) for straining weed from oil/butter. ChinaRider recommended us a french/coffee press and had a link to this one: Amazon.com: Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker: Kitchen & Dining but that one has paper filters so I have placed an order for this one instead Amazon.com: Aeropress Stainless Steel Coffee Filter: Kitchen & DiningHappy baking everyone! :hello:
  2. Bump! Yo!
  3. Just use the same amount. :confused: Melt it before mixing w/ herb. :smoke:
  4. so for a batch that needs half cup i need a quart?
  5. you can just keep on doing what you were doing buzznar, as long as you make sure to decarb beforehand. You seem to know what you are doing ;)

    but if you want step by step guides, look in the stick from badkats cannapharm, detailed info in there. For a table of content, look in the blog of badkittiesmiles, she wrote the recipes
  6. your ratios shouldnt be any different. The quantity you put in your oil is how you dose it, your change in solvent has minimal effect to that

  7. Lol no.

    The higher the fat content in your solvent, the more THC will be absorbed.
  8. as much trim as I can fit in the coconut oil.

    then I save the strained trim for base oils (1/3 of oil is leftover after straining)

  9. he's talking about the ratios, not the efficiency of the new solvent ;)
  10. really? no fucking way you edible making genius... :eek:

    i was referring to using coconut oil rather than vegetable oil. that change in solvent alone will not affect the potency to the point where the amount of doses changes. it will just increase the potency of each dose a small percentage

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