Coco wont dry out fast enough

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  1. 4gal 60/40 coco/perlite mix watered 5oz on 5/21 rh 50-65% temp 70-85° 100cfm+ exchange per minute in 4x4... gh maxi nutes 1:4 (g:b) @10%/gal ... coco has barely started to dry this morning... room tent is in has 35% rh avg (20%-50%)
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    Coco isn't supposed to dry's drain to waste hydroponics.
    Feeding should be done at least once a day to substantial run off in veg and twice a day in flower.
    Never plain water.
    I use GH MaxiBloom as well......only needed 1/3 tsp. per gallon last grow.......I don't use the grow.
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  3. I don't see any perlite even though you said it's a 60/40 coco/perlite mix.
    How old is that plant?
    What size container is that?
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  4. The top inch is all coco the 60/40 is the rest if you bother to read the first post you will see the size (volume of coco)and the age of the autoflower
  5. Repeat: ... 4 gallons of coco/perlite 60/40 top inch is 100% coco... autoflower is 3 days old from sprout
  6. No need to be a jerk my friend.......I was just trying to help you.
    Perhaps if you used capitals and punctuation to form complete sentences it would be easier to understand.
    Good luck to you.
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  7. I'm not trying to be a jerk. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as one.
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  8. 4 gal of coco/perlite (60:40) top inch is 100% coco. Watered on 5/21 with gh maxi 1:4 (grow:bloom) @10%/gal. The rh (50-65%) and temp (70°-85°) in a 4x4ft tent w/100+ cfm airflow. The room the tent is in avg at 35% rh (same temp range) rh ranges between 20-50%. Should I water it daily even if it doesn't look like its starting to dry on the very top like in my pic?
  9. I'm not an advocate of starting in large containers because it makes watering/feeding a challenge. Until the roots become established you will not be able to feed to run off.........just water/feed around the sprout.
    Again - you don't want the coco to dry out......even on the top. Coco retains 30% oxygen even when saturated, and the addition of perlite adds even more oxygen.

    You might consider starting in smaller containers your next grow.
    These plants are two weeks and were fed to run off every day from sprout.
    14 days.JPG
    Good luck.
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  10. Thank you mick. I only started it in that bucket cause it's an auto and I've had so many problems trying to grow. I have a sativa growing in soil (my crappy mix) getting gh maxi nutes and I'm lucky it's made it 14wks old( 4 wks of 12/12 as of tomorrow). Previously to these I've tried 5 other auto seeds and at least 15 photos in both dwc and soil and 2 in coco that didnt make it.
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  11. Beautiful plants
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    I have grown many different ways over the years as well and I find that coco is the easiest in my opinion. It's almost boring really.

    Feed daily to run off - pH'd to's that simple.

    Good luck with your grow. :thumbsup:
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  13. Thank you... my ph was 5.9 when I feed it the 5oz. And knowing that its roots hadn't stretched out I poured it in a 3in circle around it like this 15903463115241645150400325582344.jpg ... This is my tangerine cream (sativa) 15903463829368127927526781230391.jpg 15903464065717963699239089460201.jpg
  14. Mainlined because of height restrictions (4-4.5ft)
  15. My growing season for indoor will be over when these 2 are chopped bout 8-9wks
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  16. Well i was gonna offer some words of wisdom but micks got me covered.
    Listen to mick. Hes right. You wont go wrong :)
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