Coco T5HO/400w HPS SoG grow

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  1. Hello folks.  Had a topic going in grow room setup, but the grow room is setup so we are in Journal time!
    I'm new to growing and sick of spending 400$/mo.  That is how it began.  Now, I actually smoke a tad less because of this growing hobby!  I haven't had a hobby I have been so interested in since college and this is productive, educational, immensely interesting, and will totally knock out that 400$ eventually.
    with that all said, I've created this journal to illustrate my first grow! 
    Sea of Green, with about 4 plants.
    Grow Tent - 62''x36''x20''  (closet like) for flowering
    -400w HPS 4"air cooled reflector w/ glass
    -217cfm inline 4" exhaust fan (might be 170cfm)
    -Carbon filter 4" Tall boy (also growbright, like the fan)
    The Filter and the reflector hood are both 1 sided.  so how I filtered ALL the air And cooled the light is this :
     I blow through/over light and out of tent to the filter, (I reversed the prefilter so that fan is blowing Out through the filter)
    :works so far
    THATS the flower room.
    The Veg area is homemade
    Hangar that holds the freebie reflector was connected to a 2' T5HO flouro
    lined the area next to the flower tent with mylar (emergency blanket)
    an angled fan was hung and viola
    recently added 2 reg. cfls -  2700
    Nutes: Aqua Flakes A and B - Calmag
    Medium: Coco/perlite 65%/35%
    seeds: nirvana - kaya gold fem. x2-Vegging
    2 freebies Vegging
    2 seeds germinating- 1 kaya, 1 freebie (I planted all the other seeds in larger 2gal containers, these new 2 are in smaller containers that will be stepped up to speed vegging process)
    1 kaya in small pot, 1 freebie in small pot
    Flower chamber  -1 bagseed that sprouted outside that just Got Me Goin! ty for that!
    and I believe she may be super lemon haze.
    also about 4 day old freebie seedling that is not an auto that I just threw in to final 2gallon and am just flowering 12/12 from seed. (we will see, like I said This is soo fun)
    Will LST 1 kaya, Topped 1 kaya, LST the other 2 freebies.  first time so, here are all the pics and

    this is my previous "up to now" illustrated journal. ^^^
    Ill post a few pics here, but I am ALL in!  more to come, harvesting first in about a week!
    IMG_20140822_175340_959.jpg IMG_20140826_191850_495.jpg IMG_20141012_231707_721.jpg IMG_20141012_231719_100.jpg IMG_20141019_204453_395.jpg

  2. the fan filter u see here, imagine the white prefilter cut to size and Inside the filter.  this pic was before I did that. (so it works in the same manner-prefilter catches dust before goes thru)
  3. You could improve on your ventilation/scrubbing setup.  Air is harder to push than pull.  More air will be moved and less wear put on your fan if you set it up like this:
    <<<<(FAN)<<<<<<<(LIGHT)<<<<<<<(CARBON FILTER)
    The air flowing thru after cooling the bulb is NOT too hot for your fan... some say that trying to push air thru a filter causes more heat on the blower motor.
    Personally, I would consider either more plants, or bigger planters for your 4.  Bigger roots mean bigger fruits. 
  4. OH! I GET IT!  Light only has one side so this isn't possible without altering your hood. 
  5. correct.  so this nice hood, and the fan and filter, have to be set up this way.  First grow harvesting tonight and I smell nothing but the occasional local to room dank. and not that much :hello: .   It took a friend to figure it out lol
  6. well I guess ill update.  here are the 4 in veg, and there is 1 in flower that is in last few hours of 48hrs dark.
    IMG_20141022_111034_209.jpg IMG_20141022_111145_771.jpg IMG_20141022_111152_596.jpg IMG_20141022_111158_524.jpg IMG_20141023_231354_905.jpg IMG_20141023_231400_709.jpg IMG_20141023_231408_933.jpg IMG_20141023_231418_530.jpg IMG_20141023_231421_988.jpg theres the motivator, coming down soon. that was about a week ago.  and for the Veggies IMG_20141025_190524_898.jpg IMG_20141025_190549_177.jpg IMG_20141025_190609_664.jpg IMG_20141025_190633_301.jpg IMG_20141025_190728_765.jpg IMG_20141025_190746_859.jpg IMG_20141025_190757_350.jpg IMG_20141025_190803_377.jpg IMG_20141025_190820_923.jpg

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