Coco slab grows/info?

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  1. I think its going to be very suspect lugging 50l coco bags in and out all the time, and the compressed bricks are not as high grade as canna coco, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these slab stuff? I dont know exactly how it works
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    Are you talking about the Cogr slabs from Canna?

    I have no experience with them. As I understand it, Canna has a specific nutrient line for the slabs, as well as a lot of information about slabs on their website if you sign up there.

    I believe that they are meant to be used in a manner similar to rockwool slabs on recirculating drip systems.

    Also... Lugging in 50L bags "all the time?" I pick up a few bags 3 or 4 times a year. The expandable coco bricks are better stuff, IMO, than Canna Coco and their "pre-charge." And with the reusability of coco you could avoid having to pick up new coco for each grow. I picked up two bags of Canna a while back and found all sorts of nasty shit, nuts, sticks, trash, including a 2.0ec runoff when I rinsed the stuff. I use Roots Organics now but if I was still a pure coco man I would have the compressed Botanicare CocoGro shipped right to my door. Aside from a few small leaves (I assume blow onto the pile of coco while it is maturing before compression) this stuff is clean and ready for seedlings.
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    Hmm OK I thought canna coco was superior to bricks and I guess I was intimidated by expanding, but I guess I'll get cogr bricks then. Im not interested in drip systems so ill forget the slabs. Thanks a lot

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