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Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by Weedpipe, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. not really a coco? / i just know who i trust and where to find them :wave:

    heres the real ? i have 2 blooms goin a few weeks apart, bloom X = 7am - 7pm / bloom Y = 7pm - 7am.

    when X is done i want to reverse Y and run it on X's schedule. my plan is to simply let Y remain in the dark for an additional 12hrs then hit em with the new schedule. anyone know of any problems that could arise from doing this?
  2. if i ever want to switch times i just leave everything off for 24hr and turn everything back on whenever i want the new schedule to start

    never had a problem.
  3. Copy that^^...Just leave the lights off and start new schedule at 7am
  4. When in flower, extend dark hours to adjust light schedule.

    When in veg, extend light hours to adjust light schedule.

  5. thanks for the replys, kind of figured all would be well, but never hurts to ask the pros for some peace of mind :)

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