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coco puffs anyone?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brian8472, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. just got a baggie today of cocopuffs very weird but longer high i find and i burn out more but will i get addicted to coke? lol cause i love these things just dont wanna get more addictions :p i think there pretty nice btw has anyone else tried them?
  2. Haha no you won't get addicted.
  3. i love coco-pops for breakfast.........never tried cocopuffs........Peace out........Sid
  4. coco pops make for good munchies

  5. I've tried cocoa-puffs the cereal...

    I don't touch the shit you're referring to anymore (and haven't for two years), does something weird to my heart that doesn't feel pleasant when I come down off it.

    I've seen a lot of people throw their lives and friends away for that shit.

    It's definitely addictive. If you handle it the wrong way, you will end up going down a long path you'll wish you'd never started on.

    Be responsible, don't use too much, and don't use it all of the time.

    Oh, and smoke more bud instead if you can't control your use of it.

    That's all the advice I can offer.

  6. wouldnt it be a waste of coke? i mean its effects dont come on when smoked. thats what we have crack rocks for. ive smoked buds with coke on it before in a joint, bong and grav bong, didnt feel any different then i would if i smoked plain weed.
  7. well the high is much better but the burnout is alot longer, i like them and i dont like them lol i think after my lil 8th of em i bought is all msoked up ill just get me some regular ol weed :)
  8. is there any way to get the crack off of these things? i think its just been sprinkled on the buds very small white crystals... very white and i want to smoke some weed so i need some ideas lol
  9. Ahhhh... COCO PUFFS... right now I get it. Yeah I've smoked that before. That shit FUCKS you up. I'd imagine you would get addicted eventually, yeah. Just like with all other shit like that... it's good to make sure you won't have access to it very often.
  10. are you sure it's cocaine?.......and not just a very crystalised bud, and if it was the latter, it would be quite potent as well.......Peace out........Sid
  11. i cannot be 100% sure but the high was very intense and followed by a very long burnout and with side effects i have not experienced smoking weed before i would like to know how to remove the crap covering it and if you have any ideas spew em my way
  12. mmmmmmmmm coco puds...


    cant talk---eating.
  13. dont got A cam :/
  14. yea i dont know wtf u all are talking about but im choo choo for coco puffs
  15. Hehe they're talking about weed laced with coke. My friend calls it kronic, I think I've heard it called that in a song too.
  16. bah fuck it i rolled the rest into super awsome joints half the thing and your fucked
  17. never heard of weed/coke mix.... cocoa puffs are great munchies though, coo coo for cocoa!
    Rice crispies are great wake and bake food..
  18. umm munchies

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