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  1. when using perlite on it's own or with coco, mixed 50/50 how do you feed? is it a feeding with base and additives every watering? how do YOU do it?

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    I've used both straight coco, and coco blended with perlite.   Naturally, the perlite mix dries out quicker, so I usually feed more often.   When I used coco, it was in Dutch Buckets (Bato Buckets)  I used drip line pressurized by a simple water pump on a timer, and routed run-off to my lawn.  
    It worked like a champ, however the drip lines were easily clogged, so I added a foam filter before the pump, and added two drip lines per bucket, just in case. 
    I used full strength, low PPM nutrients for every feeding, and only flushed between veg/flower, and again before harvest.
    I did experiment with feeding, flushing, and letting the pots dry up in different intervals, but have found it more simple to just feed every day, and I don't over feed, so a regular flush wasn't really necessary.

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