Coco/Perlite Hempy Buckets and Jacks 15-12-26

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  1. reservoir for a PPK doesn't have to be chilled. its not like DWC. the roots are not sitting in a hot reservoir of water, or being sprayed by warm reservoir water,

    and the system is mixed and aerated by the pulse feeding every 90 minutes. no need for airstones either.

    Its like hand watering every 90 minutes into an EXTREMELY porous medium. you wouldn't need to chill the res if your room temps are reasonable for growing cannabis...
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  2. a pulse feed might be only tens of seconds long, then the system is off for 90 minutes. i don't know a mechanical cycle timer that does that.

    I've been using these cheap chinese temp/humidity relays and cycle timers and have never had one fail - but i've only used them about three years. they are so cheap i keep a couple of spares.

    and the tailpiece of the ppk prevents rapid drying out of the medium in the event of a cycle timer failure. There is PLENTY of time to detect and fix the problem before the plants would show any distress (like - a day or perhaps more)
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  3. my PPK thread will not be in the coco section.... it will be up one level in the hydroponic growing section. Even though i will be using Perlite/Coco (80% perlite), the fact that i am using so little coco with the perlite (so it doesn't dry so fast) means that the normal considerations for a coco grow are a lot less important. For example, 20% coco won't lock up so much CA and MG as 50% coco would.

    The coco I will be using is the Botanicare 1/2" fibers. This is to prevent the coco from migrating to the bottom of the container during a pause feed. the fibers will hang up on the perlite and not be so mobile as, say, GH Cocotek would.

    And these PPKs will be active hydro, not passive, so reservoir maintenance comes into play as it does in any recirculating system.

    I'll be using straight Jacks 15-12-26, and Agsil. no other additives.

    I am assembling the parts now in the USA, the things i know that i would have trouble finding in argentina.

    pretty much the only things i will buy here are aquarium heaters, totes, the media containers, the pump (since it has to be 220v), and the perlite.

    I figured out how to protect my wood floors. I am building a pool, and the tent and reservoirs go inside a frame lined with a pond liner. a leak will be contained so i can deal with it. I used a frame and a pond liner for a reservoir years ago, worked great, never did leak in the two years it was in service.

    even if all the reservoir volume ended up in my pool, it would only be three inches deep, so not much hydrostatic head, so sides don't need to be so strong,
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  4. 9 of ten plants are in Jars, and the last one has two days in the auto dry tent.

    and i am going to just about exactly hit my "combined estimated total" it appears - this is a guess i came up with after harvesting the first 4...

    last plant has to make 2.7 oz to nail the estimate, and from the looks of the stems and buds on the hangars in the dry tent, I would guess it at 3 oz.

    and i get TIME OFF - a couple days of monitoring humidity levels in the jars (and burping them if necessary) and its OVER.....

    and my per plant average went up about 20% this time, even though i had 6 plants stunted by heat last February. I used a LOT more light in one tent, thats probably why my yield average went up.
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  5. ok if you cant message links to this good stuff nobody else is having luck searching for i will try again. It didnt work well at all before. .... more then likely because you have been on those forums and or similar items. Searches dont always work the same for everyones google mine like parts more truck and boat ones my wife uses my acct to do this kind of work even Because ...... Mine works for that 10xs better.
  6. try this

    google for

    "idiots guide to PPK"

    if that doesn't get you there cant help you

    no i am not posting links that point into other cannabis forums.
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  7. "" if you cant message links ""

    again & again nobody suggested you did post them or even the product links if ya dont feel like it
  8. Don't be a dik
  9. learned this on another thread, not mine, when it gets weird, i just stop responding....
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  10. I have been known to respond! Haa!

  11. you have a prob dickhead ??
    i wasnt talking to you and
    I was only pointing out that Nobody asked him to post links to other places.
    just that many people are having a hard time finding the info he is posting about products and methods.
    if you dont like my communication skills do yoursorryself a favor dont look at my posts !
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  12. Sorry Perf, just a poke
  13. Lost in translation of text I think.
    ppk got us excited to grow like madmen
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  14. Last plant jarred. Beat my estimate by .7 oz , if got 28.7 oz.

    its weird sometimes, the last plant, i had always thought would be a bad producer, its one of the ones that was stunted during the het wave last february. But it turned out to be the biggest field. The buds weren't huge but were they ever dense and numerous.

    I like that 1000w (actual draw) of LED in that tent!

    Hanging this thread up. See you in the PPK thread I'll be starting
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  15. just that many people are having a hard time finding the info he is posting about products and methods.

    it CANT be 'many' people, only three or four people have ever posted in this thread.

    but i will take your advice.
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  16. 4 months

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  17. Figured i'd post this here. So far I've drip fed Jacks 5-12-26 + calcinit twice a day until the hempies drip. Ppm is coming out at 400-500 in flower, with 600ppm going in each time, no buildup so far.

    In a Res/Trashcan/Tub:
    10 gallons of water
    1 tbsp Jacks (360ppm)
    1 tbsp calcinit (240ppm)

    JR Peters (jacks) said the final solution is viable for 6-8 weeks if dark, I can't complain about anything so far, simple, cheap and stable. The true test will be mid flower how it handles the usual buildup and lockout I was so use to with GH.

    Flipped and stretching (droop is before food)
    Lights out 001.JPG Lights out 003.JPG Lights out 005.JPG
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  18. Looking good... if they droop that much ... are they too dry, or maybe your RH is too low?
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  19. Mine only droop a little before lights off unless they are complaining about something

    Being hungry won't make them droop and be dark green at the same time
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  20. I think I need to up my feeding to keep up with them since Rh is 50-60, i'll do that and keep an eye on the droop. I have a drain catch that is bigger than the res, so if pump fails or runs constantly for whatever reason, the runoff won't flood anything.

    Now that you mention it, that pic was from post lights out, natural droop.
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