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  1. Grew a solid 4 month plant before finding balls on it :( . So back at square one for someone with very little knowledge. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! So here's my story in short, found (another) seed in my grinder so I said "oh what the heck" and planted it (while I wait for female seeds in the mail). My ideas for this unknown seed is to top it once able to--(someone help me out with this info). Also, it's been under an CFL light but just received purple grow lights today. How should I go about with the different lights? Also still on 1/4 nutes. One week old, when should I move to veg nutes? Last one, how do I strengthen the stem? Very flimsy.

    Thank you all!


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    Had a similar mishap my first grow veg'd one for over 3 months and three for over a month and all four turned out to be male.. bought a fem seed the next day and started up my next grow the next week with gaurenteed females and some bagseeds to try again... got a 50/50 ratio 1 female bagseed 1 male so I flowered two plants and got a QP between the both of them with a mars 300 and 3 CFL

    My one tip is if you are set on continuing with bagseeds clone any females you get....also id out the light at around 18" for starters

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  3. [​IMG]

    Would anyone recommend this? It's been a struggle when switching into 12:12 with the light in my room/ keeping it out of my closet door cracks. Figured this would cancel the hassle of moving the plant nearly every day. Any info would be great

    Don't forget to bring a towel!
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  4. It'll flower one decent sized plant I'd recommend a 4'x2'x5' though as it'll do two plants and give you a bit more headroom

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  5. Tent looks fine. Good for 1 plant as previously stated. Top at node 5. You're at 2 with 3 coming in now. Follow the manufacturers recommended light distances for your lights. And nutes are really not even needed at the point that little seedling is at. Personally I go no nutes for the first 2 weeks. Then about 250ppm for a week and slowly up the concentration from there. The plant will tell you what it wants.
    The stem will get bigger with time. You can use a silicate in your nutes if you aren't. It'll help the plant a ton.
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