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  1. Hello my ladies are about 3 weeks into veg and I have been feeding once a week. I have been using 3 part humboldt nutrients. Next week I plan on using GH flora nova then back to the humboldt just to switch it up. Today I am feeding my plants this much
    Grow - 5 ml/gal
    Bloom - 3ml/gal
    Micro - 5 ml/gal
    Mother Earth Tea by advanced 5ml/gal
    CAL-MAG 5ml/gal
  2. I'm switching over to Humboldt Nutrients accessory lines for my next grow. Myco Maximum, Sea Cal, Sea Mag, Deuce Deuce, Flavorful and Honey ES.

    I really love Canna Coco A+B though, I can feed the plants in the morning and by the night time I can see a visible difference versus a day of no Canna. Rhizotonic is also very good stuff. I'm not sold on the Boost or their Cannazym, but I know they just changed the Zym formula so I'm going to give it another shot.

    I'm interested in the Humboldt Nutrients Macro lines, and would give them a try sooner if I saw something compelling. I'm also thinking about trying Humboldt Roots, but think that CES G-Rex might be better. Do you have any pictures to sway me one way or another?
  3. well so much for the coco forums only one post haha thanks anyway man.
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