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  1. 800 ppm is a normal dose to buffer coco bro. Granted, I probably could have use a lower dose using canna bricks but being I suffered a calmag deficiency right outta the gate as seedlings with horning leaves and odd deformities , I used a heavy dose. A dose you would normally use for unbuffered coco . Mental? Nah bro ... just cautious . I also find it totally beneficial using it daily In my mix using 160 ppm tap water .
    I believe I read you use tap water too. So you may not use 800 ppm of calmag your whole grow. I use 30 ppm of cal mag every watering. Totally improved my grow . Every ones water is different bro but to say buffering coco with 800 ppm is excessive is complete untrue from the info that I gathered . Give coco for cannabis a read. I pretty much followed there way of doing it. hear.. ...I’ll hook ya up with a link

    Cannabis Grow Guide - Coco For Cannabis - Science and Practice

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  2. BE1E5B39-F7A4-4ED8-B660-63F17133E7F3.jpeg

    Heyyooo, finally popped 4 of the key lime kush. 4 days from starting germ and so far so good. 04B99AAF-5596-438D-BABB-7209AEF58EC5.jpeg I ended up getting an HLG 65 4000k for the lil sprouts and into veg. Just wanted to say thanks again- this thread has become a useful resource that I can go back and reference. How’s the flowering?

    Take care

    some side notes

    I liked the condensate pump you have for the auto drain, but for me the (too big) bucket has to be in the tent unless I cut a hole.... so I made this contraption using a bilge pump and a Tupperware that works great and takes up almost no room. I like making these auto systems, pretty fun.

    BE1E5B39-F7A4-4ED8-B660-63F17133E7F3.jpeg 7E1D6B45-D841-4CA7-A49F-492FD5C0F5C6.jpeg

    Also a recirculating res chiller that turned out good for about 150$ My water was up to 75 or so.
    This is the coil I made that goes in the freezer, and the other coil is a stainless wort chiller that sits in the res. Fill the loop w winterizing fluid, add a small circ pump and thermostat and done. It takes a few days to make that ice cube haha... Might also be useful if I try a DWC in the future.
  4. Cool setup bro

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  5. Sup bro, tent looks awesome and that chiller slays! My rez been running warm as well.. 74-75. Haven’t pulled the trigger on a chiller yet as I really only need it 3months outta the year but maybe one with a heating option as well so all my bases are covered eventually. I’m just using hydrogaurd right now and seem to be working as I have zero root issues. Been working 6 10 hr days and my grow got a bit outta hand in the training department so my canopy is a bit irregular but should get a respectable pull if all gos smooth. This whole run has been a test run getting everything dialed in and it’s been under the worst possible conditions. Is been in the 90s the last 2 weeks and no lower than 82 since mid June. Managed to keep the temps at a high of 82and briefly 84 for a spell . Humidity has been screaming in the 80% range but still manage to keep it between 55-65 with the dehumidifier going. That why my temps hit 84 by running that. I decided to try defoliation technique. Trimmed them up before the flip and one more time this weekend going into the 3rd week ( day 17)
    Other than those issues things have been great. I have 5 timed fertigations a day 20 sec intervals. Plants get about 3 gal a day now in flower . Ppm of 750. Zero calmag deficiency’s after pre buffering the canna brick. Still giving them 30 ppm of calmag in the soup . I plan on slaying it in my fall run. Taking a few months of and will have plenty of time to tend to my girls. New light coming soon. Went with growers choice roi e720 with master controller :) she’s a beast. Also going to build my own outta Cree chips and cob lights . Gonna pull over 1000 watts from the wall with unmatch penetration. Love this diy stuff lol. I’m all in :) I’ll leave ya with a few pics and will keep ya updated. Keep safe ~ vape





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  6. Sup bro, chugging along over here. The heat has been insane , humidity even worse. Dehumidifier having trouble keeping up but aside from all the environment obstacles, I have been able to keep things together for the most part. I have definitely learned a lot during this run about controlling ec/ppm . Had issues with ec rising in the pots . Plants were drinking a ton of water due to the heat and leaving behind a ton of salts between feedings. With work being so demanding I definitely wasn’t monitoring my runoff as much as I should have been like when I was hand watering. Ppm was 750 going in with ph of 5,8 , when I started to have more time to put into my grow I found the first run of sample was like 1250 with a pH of 5.7… Yikes, no wonder why I was experiencing some tip burn and with the pH dropping it was causing a K deficiency . I was having to run 5 gal threw to lower the ppm with in acceptable range ( at first it was within +250 ppm of the 750 I was putting in... still not where I would like). I dropped the ppm to 650 over the course of a few days and now I am running threw a whole lot less of ferts to keep my ppm in the root zone and ph where I want it . Plants clearly was telling me what’s up but science help me understand why. You could actually see the start of the issue in the last post and pic I sent. Soon as I started being vigilant about checking my runoff and keeping the PPM in my root zone within +100 ppm coming out, everything corrected itself. Ph stabilized at 5.8 or what ever I set it at ( sometimes 6) and plants responded and ya could clearly tell they were digging me giving them more care and time. I’m really glad I had this brutal summer. It really help me understand how to control the EC in the root zone and have a deal with trying times within the environment. Environment is definitely the number one thing next to the quality of light you have.That’s the last thing I need to take care of, getting ready to water the growers choice ROI E 720 with master controller. My blurple light is really holding me back from reaching yields I know I can get to with a better light.anyway it’s like day 23 since flip , my plants were hurting a bit and are just coming out of it now . I don’t think growth has slowed except when I defoliated but I my light suck for sure . My nugs are dank but not happy with yield compared to the web boards and led bars. Putting all my time in on the fall run starting after labor day when this grow will be wrapped up and I’ll have my new lamp . Anyway just thought I would share a bit of what’s been going on , hope all is well and I’ll leave ya with a few pics ~ vape





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  7. Looks good, I bet a KW of leds will make a difference!
    I’m at 2 weeks since starting germ and 11 days since sprout. Trying to figure out light height for the hlg 65.
    Everything I read said 20-24” and I got some stretch with the light set at 22”. I’m at 17” now and looking better. Might go with cfls for sprouts next time. I have an oscillating fan on randomized timer and silica in the nute mix and have been weening them off their crutches.
    I also am getting some twisting leaves, so started cal mag foliar- interesting because I did thoroughly buffer the coco. Went with the coco for cannabis method of mixing a Gallon of full strength solution and diluting for the seedlings, slowly working it up. Started at 200ppm and now at 400 2x per day. I’m pumping the breaks there a little for a bit as 500ppm seems a bit much for the little ones. I’m using:
    Silica blast
    Cali magic
    Maxi gro
    Super moist
    Southern Ag garden friendly fungicide (have you heard of this? Has the same bacteria as hydro guard, but much more concentrated)
    And Rapid start.

    Final diluted ph is 6.2 or a little over

    I’ve been pretty happy with environment so far, able to keep it in a pretty tight range.

    So I guess just waiting for stalks to thicken up and see what new leaves start looking like.

    Here’s some pics at 10 days from sprout. 36DC5828-D0CE-4533-BE84-9994D730B75A.jpeg 9343D453-CA6E-457D-AE5F-437BC3B65C5B.jpeg B1662C83-776B-46A2-82CF-2D9B96F17B58.jpeg

    take care,

  8. Sup bro, lol a KW may have roasted them as hot as it’s been hear this summer , 97 today!! I have had temps hit 89 in the grow room several times . Been super tuff keeping heat and humidity in check but they look pretty good considering they have been in less than ideal conditions under a subpar ,over priced, out dated light.

    I did find a grow shop about an hour and a half ride from me that has the growers choice roi 720 8 bar led I have been eyeballing . They also have the HLG 650 R in stock along with all the good name brands if I wanted to go a different route , but I’m leaning towards the growers choice with master controller. I may take the ride and grab that baby next weekend . I Started getting some components for the light I’m going to build but that’s a work in progress and I’m not In To much of a hurry with that.

    It seams like almost every coco related thread I have read, ppl always have calmag issue right outta the gate regardless of having properly buffered coco , so you having issues don’t surprise me one bit. From now on I’m foliar feeding as soon as the first set of true leaves show.

    400 to 450 ppm is just about right . For week 2 . Going into week 3 I increase to 600 over the course of the week end I up it to 750ish through out the rest of the veg period.After the 12/12 flip, I drop the ppm from 750 to 600ish during the first week of the transition period . In the 1st week of early bloom ( I don’t count transition period), I continue to drop the ppm to 500 ish through the week and I start adding my bloom boosters . If she’s looking good going into week 3, I’ll bump her up to 550 -600 the rest of the way ..kinda found that out the hard way as I burnt some tips when I slacked off on monitoring my runoff when I got pounded with OT at work . There drinking a lot more water leaving behind excess salts. That’s how I burn some tips .
    I just been using the maxi bloom as far as base nutes all the way through and it’s been great . Love the low N in it yet still just enough to keep them thriving.

    I’m Still dialing in the watering thing , used a lot of water this time around trying to keep things ideal in the root zone . Next run I’ll be using far less water now having a better understanding of running this automated system. I Definitely found you want to be close to the same ppm that you have going in as you have coming out or within 50 ppm or so. I don’t worry about the ph coming out as much although it’s at 5.7 regularly.. I only worry about the ph going in and I play with that.
    Never heard of the southern ag,....I’m going to have to grab some of that to have on hand. I ordered some Gnatrol to have on hand as well. Found a few adult fungus gnats during the grow ,but during veg, I used this plug in product called zevo.. I found several adults in it but for the most part I’m bug free . I guess it worked

    I only mix enough nutes for 2 days in a separate tote to keep my res clean , and to prevent bad bacteria from building up so I stopped using the hydrogaurd and went back to the super moist. I pour 5gal in a 5 gal bucket , add the super moist , adjust ph and then feed. I rinse out my 5gal bucket and pump and do the same thing for the next feeding . A res without a chiller can have higher temps than normal because bacteria don’t have time to grow in that short of time. I don’t Mx the super most in my holding tote because I noticed it leaves a gunk behind after a few hrs with the circulation pump.
    Still chugging along , 32 days from 12/12 switch . I don’t count the transition period as flowering time.. I start counting once I see pistoles and the first signs of budding. So in my world this is the end of week 4 . Talk to ya soon ~ vape




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  9. Looks awesome, I’ll be stoked if mine turn out like that. Very helpful info on the ppm feed schedule/ rational, thanks.

    ive been mixing enough for 4 days in the res, with the super Moist And southern ag stuff and it been staying pretty clean. Only using 1/4ml / gal. I’ve just been washing everything with mild soapy water and rinsing very well, do you think i should be sterilizing w hydrogen peroxide?

    also back on just maxi bloom, I think i got a little big for my britches trying to play with NER. Only got 2 feedings of the gro, and no damage, but I think I should eliminate NER fuckups from list of variables for my first(ish) run.

    Transplanted a little while back, let em settle in and just topped 2 days ago. Environment has been pretty awesome. Going right off leaf temps and keeping vpd right in range.

    One thing I’m still not sure about at all is the lighting. I have the hlg 65 4000k (65w true) in there with the 3500k 480w (Dimmed to 80w) So 145w at 3 feet or so. Plants are happy and don’t look to be reaching. Planning on working up to 250w By the time they’re really going... but I have no idea. Any input?

    Here’s some pics of the res after 4 days of running (No fishy smell) and light setup. Also a pic of where I was at on my last run about this far in, just for fun. Thanks for all the help, I think these plant look a little happier haha.

    take care

    Also, What do you think of the key lime Kush genetics?

    9EA00C58-C042-4033-89C5-C493F80F66FF.jpeg 1584593D-C017-4AEC-A734-DE3E3B982D61.jpeg C422A243-89CE-4B7F-8874-AA71FF267788.jpeg
    A7C92BDE-73CD-4ADB-9CD5-E8B7988EDE1B.jpeg 1915B975-C9D0-497A-87D9-1D3A93BB5013.jpeg
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    Sup bro, yeah, the super moist leaves a film in my res after a few days. I don’t think it effects anything but nun the less.. its there. It could have to do with me just using a circulation pump just to keep the water moving but most likely it’s because of the temp of my rez fluctuating . Totally ghetto at the chiller....throwing in frozen h20 bottles , water fluctuates through the day and I bring it down before feedings. I only mix a days worth at a time so I don’t have issues this late in flower and seems to be the way to go to the end.
    I rinse with 3% hydrogen peroxide then I use anti-bacteria dish soap to wash it out and rinse real well. I don’t think the h2o2 it’s necessary but it certainly don’t hurt and I will use it to flush the system out after each run. I never saw the h2o2 foam up like it does on a infected cut so I would say it’s clean of bacteria.

    The maxi bloom is the way to go with out having to adjust ratios of a 2 or 3 part fert line . It’s More for when you wanna get real advanced but there really is no reason to if your getting the results you want using one part plus your additives and bloom boosters . Dyna grow is another product that I had great success with and I may go back to it and I’ll tell ya why..I’m not exactly sure what the culprit is but I am definitely noticing some of my spray holes in my halos are getting clogged causing uneven distribution . I think it’s from the little remains of undissolved maxi clogging them up. Just something to keep an eye on as ya go.i been hand watering a liter threw each pot to make sure there’s no dry pockets and excess salt build up.

    It’s been way to hot, and a lot of work trying to maintain a tolerable environment. 2 dehumidifiers going one inside my room and one out..barely keeping up.. one 8000 btu air conditioner plus the inline and circulation fans .my meter is spinning off the side of my house lol temps are 82 up to 87 during lights on but it never stays at 87 long and it’s only on the hottest of days. Still keeping a vigilant eye out for Hermies. ...Bad genetics and high temps are probably the #1 cause of nanners .

    Not to sure about your lamp but you have dimming capability’s so your definitely golden. I think your on the right path tho.. you don’t need a lot of light to veg. I use a 6 bulb cfl lamp . I can have 2 ,4 or all 6 on at once. I keep 2 bulbs on , 6” above while I’m germinating so once they pop they will have light and not stretch until I want them to. As they become seedlings I put on 4 bulbs 6-8” above and after it’s in full veg stage I turn them all on and raise the light to 12” each bulb is 54 watts so full power is 324watts. Keep in mind cfl run hotter, you can prob keep your led board lower with the same wattage.
    Being you only have one lamp I wouldn’t go any higher than half your over all wattage . This way when your in flower you can blast them with 100% Power in weeks 5-8 (or however long it takes ) and really swell them colas up ,

    I also recommend lollipoping and defoliating a bit . Not going super crazy with the defoliating but if your seeing shadows under your plants , in my most humble opinion... it’s to much leaf. Defoliating will increase the air flow through the canopy , help increase light penetration , prevents powdery mildew and most of all, increases yield. Its a huge debate but if you plants are healthy.. go for it . I don’t defoliated during veg ... just the last week before flipping to 12/12 and at the third week of flower. I then just re move or tuck real big fan leafs. And any other areas that may get to thick . I love every single one of my leafs...but from now on if their in the way or blocking bud sites... I’m cuttin’em lol to big a difference in over all development between the ones I defoliated and the ones I didn’t. Keep reading your plants and think about investing in a light meter as well. Here’s what I have . I know the light I have now so I’m not using it really but when I get my new one thats when it will pay off.

    The key lime kush is super frosty and smells unbelievably delicious! The trichrome production is insane. I just wish I defoliated those instead because the blue cheese is smoking them in over all bud development. I don’t think they care for the high temps nether. I can’t wait to run them in the fall when my environment will be easier to manage. Here’s a couple of pics . Day 37 from 12/12 switch 5th flowering week.
    Talk to ya soon ~ vape



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    Here’s that meter where that link didn’t go threw

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  11. Lol I dunno ... it’s not letting me post pics. It’s called dr meter. On amazon for like 35 bucks

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  12. [​IMG]

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