Coco kiss scrog, modeled after micks grow

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  1. Very cool, glade to help. Yeah , keep adjusting ... 25-50 ppm at a time. You real close now, it’s just that some genetics are picky. Try 2.5-3mil calmag. My tap is 170ppm, I would go out on a limb here and say if ya hit her with 100-150 ppm of calmag
    And the rest maxi your probably gold. Silica don’t raise ppm much just ph. Are you using sm-90 or the new stuff super moist? I have it but haven’t run any ppm, ph test to know what it does to the mix. It’s like 85 bucks for 1 liter so I didn’t wanna wast any lol.start bending and training , spread out and flatten the canopy . Adjust your lights accordingly as well . I like topping twice and then FIMing severs times . Lollipop them when there under the nets to get rid of any larf and bud sites that don’t get enough light penetration . Your going to be in full bloom flower in June .. depending where you are it’s going to be hot and humid .. any advance preparation for that? Keep on keepin on
    ~ vape

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  2. One more thing, it’s not necessary but just a suggestion… Get yourself a good quality pH meter and the solutions to calibrate it properly. Like I said before pH is king, it’s well worth the investment if you plan on growing for years to come. I have the drops as well just in case but a properly conditioned ph meter will last a very long time.[


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  3. Hmmm .., wouldn’t happen to know why my pics aren’t up loading do ya?

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  4. Nice, the new stuff is looking nice and flat and green.

    I’ll keep it at that feed schedule and watch the ph/ec

    regarding sm90, I discovered that it is no longer sold when ordering for this run. Just recently found out about super moist, but yeah, 91$ on amazon and in my cart haha.
    I’m using coco wet, but just got a little bottle- so I’ll probably bite the bullet on the super moist here soon.

    average temps for June are 70 high and 61 low
    And 70%RH
    I’m thinking when they are more established I’ll play with turning the light up. I have a lot of room left on the dimmer to go up on the exhaust fan. May not even go full power- 480w in 32”x32”.
    Ac is not really an option unfortunately. Been looking at the mini dehumidifiers if humidity is an issue and thinking of plumbing a drain line into a remote container.

    Grow cab #2 will be a little different haha.
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  5. Yes
    yes, a lot of squinting and hmmmmming. Definitely looking at a meter
    Like this one

    also not sure about uploading photos, that’s outta my wheelhouse haha

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  6. Sup bro, sweet meter. I use blue lab, got a killer deal on both ppm and ph meter bundled with cleaning kit for like 120 . I would slowly stark increasing light intensity each week , adjusting your height accordingly . Take a shit load of notes to use for your next run. Your plants are going to start to explode with growth vey soon. As far as a dehumidifier is concerned, They are definitely going to create a lot of heat . You can get this stuff called damp rid ppl use in there basements. I never used them but ppl say they work . You can get it at Home going to try paying another pic to see if I fixed my problem lol[​IMG]

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  7. All right! Today is 4 weeks from sprout. Got my ph meter and life is easier/ a little more definite.
    I started lowering the cal mag dose to 120ppm or so and a couple of the plants started showing signs.
    Going for 5ml/gal for a little longer.
    The ph meter also showed me that I was ph-ing on the high side using the drops. I was at 6.5, so I feel this will be good to correct.
    The runoff ppms and ph are looking better, and did I mention it’s much easier to test 6 runoff samples! Planning at staying at 450ppm feed unit runoff numbers fall below that and keep dropping, then increase feed by 20 or so ppm more every 2 days.

    starting to lst and another top again soon.
    thanks @vaperman for helping me paint the big picture.

    Here’s today’s runoff #s and pics

    -take care
    A1A6D5CF-D9AB-4C10-B55D-054A2405E4C6.jpeg CC09D57D-0047-4651-988C-97CB3B7D517D.jpeg 0E201DAD-EC82-4503-A27C-9260AEA14C6E.jpeg
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  8. Now your rollin! Thanks for the shout out, glade to help. Them drops suck . just not exact enough to really get the best outta your plants . Same with the tsp measurement ml or even weighing it out for that matter it don’t get any easier than using a meter. On another note ... I got my beans from jbc seed :) took 3 days from when it was shipped . My order from across the pond is [​IMG]still taking its sweet time after 29 days . It will get heat someday Lol ~ vape

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  9. Nice! Looks like you’ll be stocked up for a while hahah. Are you popping any of them soon? I’d like to see how it goes.

    I’ve got a few questions about runoff, as a lot of the info on the web is contradictory. I’ve been feeding the same 5ml/gal cal mag(225ppm) and in the 450-460ppm range after adding maxibloom.
    Now all the runoff from my pots has dropped to the 300-400 range, and ph getting closer the the input.
    I’ve read that runoff ppm numbers should be higher than feed- otherwise it means the coco is robbing nutes. I’ve also read that a lower runoff ec is good, and means that the plants are uptaking.

    -should I start working the ec up slowly, with a goal to get the feed and runoff ppm numbers to converge?
    (Ph numbers are starting to become more similar between feed and runoff, so I feel good there)
    - pruning and training:
    Now that there is a canopy being established, should I start trimming out some of the low stuff, or wait and see what growth tips are going to make it to the canopy? Do I hit it hard and remove everything at once, or gradually over a week?
    These are regular seeds, and all plants have preflowers. I’d like to wait(before placing screen) for these to become positively identifiable while still in veg, so I don’t have to deal with a male in a screen. Also, I figured if i have to pull some plants, i could still veg to fill the space. 7E0CCEAD-5FF3-4086-BF4E-FE9EECC88C50.jpeg

    other things: raised light to 22” and up to 200w
    Got a trial by fire lesson in plant mending after some LST haha
    Got the super moist. Using up the coco wet first though

    hope all is well out there

    -take care
  10. Yaay back on track at last mate. Lookin good :)
    If theyre fem seeds i wouldnt worry about males i double checked but cant actually see what youre growing?
    Been a long day so probably missed it but are they bought or bagseed?

  11. Hey, thanks.
    theyre bought regular seeds, cookie glue from equilibrium genetics.
    I will def do fem seeds next time-
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  12. What’s up bro, things look great man. Amazing how they bounce back when ya get things in order.
    So much can affect ppm and ph aside from it being to strong or to weak. Temp , humidity and evaporation rate play a big roll in the “cat and mouse” game of controlling ppm and ph. Sometimes it’s controlled by feeding more often , but usually only if you have an automated system .My biggest concern for you was the very first step when growing in coco . Pre buffering . If I remember correctly I think you said you buffered using your hard tap water? I have no idea how that will affect you if at all. Your numbers are constraint so I would say your good. When coco is buffered correctly , it will not interfere with plant nutrition. These features of coco enable the style of high frequency fertigation that alot of experienced coco growers recommend .
    You plants are looking great and they have come a long way from where they were. I think you can bump up the ppm a bit of the maxi , and see how they react. From the pic they don’t look super green so they can take a bit more, just don’t go crazy and keep watching run off numbers. A lot of growers never go above 650 -800 ppm. That will also Depend on environment, strain , hand feed or automated watering as well. Keep in mind that When your lights are on full ..evaporation will play a role in ppm and ph swings and your plants will also drink more h20 leaving a higher ppm in the run off, that’s when you want to start feeding twice a day with at least 30% run off, more the better and or possibly lowering the ppm of the feed going in. Depends on what your plants are visually telling you . Ya can’t treat coco like soil. Every time you feed, your essentially flushing the coco and replacing all ferts making everything available to them once again. Recharging the coco. They take what they need , water or ferts. and leave the rest .finding the right balance is the trick so thay take things evenly . If you take care of coco coirs CEC sites making sure they are loaded up with the cal and mag right inn the will not rob your plant of Any available nutrients whatsoever

    You can absolutely remove the lower leaves and branches ( ie.lollipoping “ ) Ya can do it all in one shot, no worries there. You want to picture in your head the way you want your canopy to be ( like a candelabra ) and remove branches accordingly. If I wanted a particular branch to catch up I would tie down the branches around it lower than the one That I want to grow to catch up with the rest , making an even canopy and remove the ones that may make it wider than You may want.
    You should be increasing the light intensity as well. hardening them off for the flip in the near future... they should show sex at week 6 or so . Gotta be careful and ya really want to tie them down really good along with topping to control vertical growth. ya don’t wanna out grow your space . I find using fems are best if your not growing moms for clones .

    I don’t have a date but I’ll be sowing real soon . Making sure everything is perfect before germinate some seeds. I’ll keep ya posted . I got my seeds from attitude and I must confess.., ordered more from jbc lol key lime kush , I couldn’t resist :) I never really need seeds as I have a pretty big collection , I just buy them every year to grow new strains and store the rest . I had seeds for 10 yrs that germinated in a day . This years run will be 2 blue cheese from Barney’s farm and 2 key lime kush from Katsu heirloom genetics. Exotic genetics gummy bun and useful seeds hyper fuel for round 2. ~ vape

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  13. Wow man, as usual thanks for the detailed and thoughtful response. You’re really helping me out here.

    I gave the plants a good pruning, and seeing more and more growth tips come up.

    the new leaves look a little stringy, but that could just be because they’re new? Not going to worry too much about it. Humidity has dropped a bit to 55-60% during lights on and 76% max at lights out. Still been keeping around 460-470 ppm total- a bit weary of over feeding.

    also did some more lst, a few more tops and practiced some fims on the ones that were getting above the canopy. I think I could do better on the branching next time.
    -how long should I give the plants to recover from tops and fims before flipping?

    very much looking forward to the flip. And the next run haha, I think I’ll get through it a lot smoother.

    also, got a 25 lb bag of calcium chloride (same as damp rid, but a lot cheaper) coming.
    Going to try putting a tray of it in the light baffle/ intake area so it dries the incoming air (pull off doobie) which should be more efficient than soaking up all the moisture in the box. The study is still open on that one though haha.

    thanks again and nice job on the personal seed bank 4E8B3A09-252C-4449-B5F7-F98CD1C7A233.jpeg AD67FA8E-180A-4E8D-8A23-3EBCAACFA20D.jpeg 3648B2B1-6104-4D98-A97F-D33C5FB7CBAD.jpeg
  14. Can you recommend a model that’s reliable ?
  15. Sup bro, you are very welcome. I love this plant , not just smoking it but everything about it . if I can help someone like yourself work out some issues they are having and help them become a better grower I’m all in. gotta play it forward ya know? , and when you are at that point , I would hope you would do the same. I’m still a bit concerned about your humidity fluctuation . Its way to dramatic and that may be why your leaves are looking “stringy “ as you put it. I’m also still seeing a bit of twisting and horning in your pic . ya gotta get that under control and I hope that calcium chloride works for ya. A dehumidifier outside your tent or whatever would be ideal, . Having the negative pressure that your inline fan creates draw in the dry air and hopefully stabilize it or at least minimize the dramatic swing. That will be you achilles heel come flowering . It’s not Terrible but depending on strain , and how dense the buds genetically form, it can be a big prob . That’s the only thing I can thing of that is causing that .
    I would give them a good week before switching the lights after fiming
    Nothing wrong with being careful about over feeding. Ya can always give more, ya can never take it back. If your ec is dropping 150-200 ppm you can increase it a bit. Ya wanna make sure your giving them enough of what they need as well. Deficiencies can also be caused by a lack of N P or K .. not just over feeding .
    Every run will get easier as you hone your skills . You will not be as cautious and you won’t be afraid to try different things . Read as much as you can and not just on cannabis . I have a bunch of books on bonsai training and apply some techniques in my grow.
    We have definitely past the threshold of keeping it simple lol ,but only at first . Knowledge is power .. we never stop learning. Each run after this will become easier. Each year you will tweak your room aiming for total environment control.
    As for me, I’m Going to be sowing some seeds this weekend. It will be my first time flowering in peak summer but I think I got my environment dialed in and prepared for anything climate wise. I’m also designing a cedar lined drying cabinet. Temp and humidity controlled with a carbon scrubber . I find the best tasting buds have a slow drying time and a slow cure. Take care ~vape

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  16. I use blue lab

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  18. "Essentials" mate. About £40 on amazon. Had it nearly 3 years and it was still spot on. Never calibrated ever, just used bottled water to check its accuracy cos the ph is printed on the lable.
    The battery died before it slipped by even a single point. Thats better than blulab and theyre as expensive as it gets.
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    The twisty leaves are usually a tell tale for a ph issue so glad to see your looking into it. Its nothing dramatic but looks like youre not quite right.
    Nice job though, youll be well rewarded if bloom goes to plan :)
    Your feed strength is spot on too. Once they start pushing buds bump it up a little. Theyre a nice size so 700ish for bloom would be good.
  20. Thanks man, I’ve been ph ing the feed to 6 every time. Run off has been 5.6-5.9 depending on what plant. Should I be letting the feed ph drift around and not be so focused on getting a Perfect 6.0 each time?
    Like anywhere between 5.8 and 6.1?

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