Coco kiss scrog, modeled after micks grow

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by CalebM, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Holy shit yo. I dream of growing plants like that one on the left!
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    Spanish! Haven't seen you since my first grow thread.

    Caleb, just keep asking questions and listening to feedback. Your first grow can be a beast. The pic was my first. People on here helped a lot. Resized_20180811_085258(1).jpeg

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  3. Thats tiny mate. Was only 11oz, first plant ever. :)
  4. I think most I’ve gotten off one plant is 3-4 oz in a 3g pot
  5. Actually ... I really wasn’t explaining shit to you. I quoted the wrong reply. I was simply trying to help out a fellow grower so hold your roll bro. And I still say run as much through to get at least 30% run off . With a perlite mix of course . Hell... feed them 3 times a day when they get going if ya want. Study up n get back to me ;)

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  6. No need to “study up” on it. I know what I know, which I don’t even need to know bc I don’t grow In coco
  7. Just a quick note- I would prefer that this remain a thread dedicated to growing in coco, somewhat science based, and mainly for the benefit of new growers and their plants. Let’s keep it humble and helpful.
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  8. Awesome, thanks for the vid.
    Hope I didn’t mess up by keeping the cal and mag in the tap water range for the buffer.
    I’ve been working on getting humidity down during lights off and feeding cal mag at 5ml/gal

    plants are looking better.

    my hope is that if there was an issue with the buffering, that it will slowly be solved by feeding max cal mag (in RO water) for some time.
    Been erring on the side of over 20% runoff
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  9. Hmmmm .. I’ll go out on a limb and say if you can see a positive difference ya may be ok. I would just check Run off faithfully until ya kinda see consistent numbers coming out, then ya probably can slack off a bit, like every other feeding or something if ya wanted. I love spending time with them so I always check. Ppm and ph religiously ( coming from dwc) . Don’t be afraid to run more through bro, especially since your questioning your pre buffering. Good idea with the ro filtration system since your water is so hard and rain can be so unpredictable . I just hate all the waste it takes to make a single gal but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. On another note, I think my beans got intercepted by customs ... super pissed. First time since dealing with attitude seed bank. Going to order from Mephisto based on the us... no customs and when attitude re sends them that they get through. I hate set backs.... ~ vape

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  10. Heeeyyoo,

    plants are settling into their new homes.
    Feeding at 450ppm (.9 ec)
    5ml/gal calmag+
    Lots of runoff
    Got humidity to stay around 60% lights on and 70% at lights off. No twisting leaves anymore and less drooping before lights off.

    I topped them 2 days ago and they didn’t seem to mind.
    feeling like things are going to be ok

    Im most of the way through reading coco for cannabis- a lot of good info in there. Wish I would have read that before starting. I guess that’s what learning is for.

    below are some pics of my worst leaves. New growth is looking good so far


    am I ok to start bumping up the ec (like to 1 ec or 500ppm) of the feed now that they’re looking a little more established? I feel I’m in the “early veg” state.

    Am I ok to feed twice a day? Would it be beneficial if I doubt the buffer on the coco?

    Big thank you to everyone offering helpful advice.
    -stay safe

    39745E86-3B14-4221-92F7-C1ABF47739F2.jpeg 1451E357-9426-4322-ADF1-1423C907E588.jpeg C168A83C-40E6-4B17-B023-9E00D6848817.jpeg 9830E0CE-A8C6-4F95-BDBF-7C5303341380.jpeg
  11. 1ec is still a bit strong mate. Don't worry about underfeeding them. They just go a bit yellow. You see it so up the dose and all is well.
    If you over feed then the damage is done by the time you can see it.
    Once a day is plenty for now. Twice won't hurt if you want to but more hassle than it's worth at the moment as you're not automated.
  12. 3 weeks 2 days from sprout.

    ive been watering at 420-450 ppm

    I’ve noticed that the happiest plants have runoff testing at 450 or so ppm.

    the big pots are running off at 550-570ppm.

    hard to keep the ppms down with 5ml cal mag- it’s about 220ppm on its own.

    1/4 Tspn/gal maxi bloom brings it to 450.

    couple questions:

    -Should I be alternating max cal mag feedings to try and get ec down or just keep hitting them?

    The new growth appears to be healthy

    -Should I remove the most crispy/ damaged fan leaves to give new growth some more light?

    -I figure I should leave all new growth on the plants that are hurting, but on the one that is taking off should I remove any of the new low growth?

    I’ve been studying the pics of 4 way lst and it seems that at some point all of the low growth is removed leaving the node where it was topped, and the node just below that.

    It’s funny how with all environmental factors being the same, the plants are all so different. One is really thriving

    Y’all take care

    3B41B053-86A1-4825-A5F9-F83389C1C0AB.jpeg 4CB4664D-1CFF-4AB7-B2EE-516CEE9FFAC9.jpeg A3B99656-A50B-4136-ABF8-E540B2C75BF6.jpeg 308F4AF9-1AB6-480E-BC77-B1CAD13CEE92.jpeg 080A3429-19AC-4275-BB08-BB353E2DA0D2.jpeg 31E3D85A-8DE9-4AC3-863E-949080EB72AB.jpeg
  13. Sup bro, your telling us a lot about your ppm but what I’m concerned about is the ph of the runoff. Especially in the pots where the ppm/ec are climbing to 570. If your ph is in range then ya can check that off your list. Some plants like more calmag than others, some like super strong ferts, some don’t . Keep a journal and tweak thing a little. Same basics just small adjustments . I’m just guessing but I think it could be a ph issue. Let me know what your ph numbers are and we will try and help ya out. A plant can thrive with good ph and low ferts. ~ vape

    P.S ya gotta give calmag every feeding with ro water

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  14. Hey bud, thanks for the reply. I didn’t check the ph last night, but it had been dropping to 5.5 or so (for run off)
    I’ll check tonight and get back to you.
    I’ve noticed that the ph of the ro water drifts (down from 8.5 down to about 7) a bit, so I’ve been letting it sit out overnight in order to stabilize.

    Any update on your seeds? I’m fortunate to live in SoCal where you can have em delivered to your door same day

    -take care
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  15. @MickFoster how much are you charging these guys for licensing? Lol
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  16. Yeah, I would say to watch that bro and see if ya could bring it up closer to 5.8 -6ish. Usually if the pH is dropping and the PPm’s are raising you are over feeding . drop the ppm’s a bit and see if that corrects the issue.

    My seeds made it through actually lol what happen was after my beans got to isc it sat forever . Then it showed that I was getting 2 packages and one was fro the Chicago hub which is notorious for snatch beans crossing the pond . being it was takin forever and this package from Chicago popped up I assumed the worst. Now I have a big order from attitude and another big one from JBC . Seeds for several years lol. The second package was facemasks that my girlfriend ordered lol.

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  17. Ok, thanks

    But I should always keep the feed water at 6 right?

    should I let up on the cal mag or maxi to get a lower ec?

    thanks for your help man, much appreciated
  18. Yeah, always keep the feed h20 at 6ish. Lower the calmag and the maxi till we see what’s up and how she reacts. Try like 150 ppm of cal mag and 250 maxi or something like that as I don’t know your exact numbers.. Just on the ones with the issues of course . If ya see your numbers coming into balance ( ex. 400 ppm in 400 out ) in your run off and you ph stabilizing ( 5.8-6ish) you will start seeing major improvements. One day it’s just going to click and It will all make sense to you ,perhaps even after me explaining this to you. Now the reverse is true as well.. ppm drops in your run off ya can up the ppms accordingly . Now don’t get carried away… Less is more. Ph is king ppms queen lol . Like I said before some plants like a lot of calmag some don’t.Some love the high nutrients, some don’t. The key is to learn how to read your plants . they will tell you everything you need know. It’s a trial and error thing. Little changes, nothing dramatic. This is where meters are imperative . I keep thing as simple as I can but I need to know the “why” and meters help in figuring that out . Keep me posted on your ph issue and the over all health of your girls ~vape

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  19. Thanks man, very helpful info

    in regards to the big pots:

    The ec of the runoff has dropped with the highest being 512ppm and the rest at 400-450.

    Ph looks 5.5 ish On all but one, where it looks more 5 ish

    Ill keep on with lower ppm feed on those plants until I notice a change.

    Much appreciated

    here’s some pics of my results 3F390916-E01C-4199-823E-46C46A60C4EE.jpeg 315C4E82-FD65-4B88-9B09-ED99C7A0A47C.jpeg A8131079-2ADE-4015-B8A3-451861C3BDE7.jpeg 4C8C0915-B017-4F71-906A-A6CB7FFAC524.jpeg 98242E57-5712-4273-B4A2-02579A433214.jpeg

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