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  1. Hi all I'm new here have been reading forums for a while decided to sign up looks like there's a lot of good knowledge here. Was wondering if some of you coco pros can give me some advice please. I've just purchased the whole H&G line up for coco hoping to get great results. I'm a bit nervous I must say haven't used them before at all. I've run full line up of nutrifield in coco and had awesome reults but herd good things bout H&G. My question is: Is H&G good in coco using full line up please comment if used full line up before. Other question is there anything else to add to line up to make it better/ work better or get better results. Any feed back would be very helpfull thanks.
  2. I always keep cal mag around as a back up for coco
  3. Awesome much appreciated for the reply
  4. I'm not familiar with H&G nutes - I use GH nutes. My only additives are SM-90 and Silica Blast. I use tap water so I rarely need any calmag.
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
  5. Okay cool as thanks for your advice and reply.
  6. Far out they look very nice
  7. If you don't have it already, download their app. It'll tell you exactly how much of everything to add at what week. I've never used H&G personally, but know several growers locally that do.
  8. yeah - almost all fert companies have a feed schedule on their site
    Here is the HG link
    » Nutrient Calculator
    I am a stickler for not using anything owned by bayer/monsanto

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