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    So iv been noticing at the very tips of the leaves, mostly on new growth, the tips will get yellowed and eventually getting crispy to the point it crumbles right off the healthy part of the leaf. I looked at the sticky at the top of the thread page named essential plant nutrients. It looks alot like what he has labeled as a magnesium deficiency, except it isn't as bad as the pic he has. Now I am in pure coco and iv heard that it has a ca/mg problem. Now I have alredy ran a flush, about a week ago, and the problem is still here. I do usually use about 5ml per gallon of cal-mag plus but I haven't used any nutes at all since this problem came because I originally Thot it was nutrient burn.
    So what do u guys think it is? I'm really thinking it's magnesium, I just don't know if it's a deficiency or too much magnesium, so what should I try? Mabe just water with a heavy dose if cal/mag? (oh my plants are still in veg)
    I really appreciate the help guys so thanks
  2. coco is like hydro you should feed them every day and i give them just water once a week..
    it sounds like they need feeding and ph your water + abit of cal mag will help them brov
  3. try epsoms salts....... its magnesium sulfate,corrects mag def, i use 3 tbls per 15 gallons and i do it 3 watering in a row,make sure u let it dissolve very well, can use low dose of nutes with it to:D
  4. Really I shud be feeding with nutes every time? I'm gunna flush again thn I'm gunna start using nutes again. Now why wud this problem come if I was using cal-mag before? Plus ivrun a base(humboldt 3 part) plus I use Myco madness, mother earth super tea and nirvana, verde, & silica blast, and hygrozyme & superthrive. Now that sounds like alot but I don't use all if em at the same watering, I split it into two waterings, so I'm def running enough shit and iv haven't had this problem before with my flood and drain, so it's gotta just be the coco right??
    Thanks again guys an any more info will be greatly appreciated.

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