Coco Grow Day 40 Having Some Issues, Please Look At Pics

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  1. This is around day 40 with this crop, iv a few cheese autos planted in canna coco, using canna nutes just having few problems il try to explain everything jus bare with the blabbering:

    Iv 42 in total in this crop, few are doing real well massive growth but there are more not doing than doing, only 4 days ago I started seeing this lighter green on leaves, darker veins in leaves (which would indicate mag def?)

    So I ph'd water to 5.8 and added 5ml/25lt calcium and same magnesium, that was 2 days ago, I went to check today, problem seems to be getting worse, so today I just opted back to my standard solution which I mentioned below only I added the canna boost to the bigger ones which have their pre flowers added at 10ml/25lt

    The nutes iv been giving so far: 20ml/25lt a+b and 10ml/25lt rhizotonic, sometimes I use same ratio of cannazym instead of rhizo (once week odd time) I usually feed-feed-flush, to try stop any build ups

    Iv no ec meter and only Tds meter and only learned today that I could convert it over, so iv been trying to keep my nutes on the less side rather than risking burning.

    On couple pics you'll see the light green and darker veins that I mentioned, and on another couple you'll see like browning/dying leaves from the bottom leaves first, would this be a nitrogen def from me keeping nutes low?

    What keeps me from adding or increasing the nutes is iv a monster of a plant compared with the rest and she seems content with the strength, I know every plant is different

    Any advice is appreciated and any more info you want just ask and il try get fresh pics up again soon as

  2. Looks like nute burn.
  3. Also, if this is a soil grow... 5.8 is too low.
  4. It's coco, as I said in the post, an I doubt nute burn as the nutes I'm using have been fine for 2 weeks just started seeing this past couple days,
  5. Probably a build up of salts, whatcha think, Insider?
  6. Looks like a salt buildup from the nutes. Flush the plant with water and see how she reacts. I've had similar issues and I also grow in coco.
  7. I'm learning on this one... I like where you're going with it C.O
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    Honestly I've never worked with Coco before so just guessing here ^.^

    But at least its an educated guess! Haha
  9. thanks everyone for your responses, if you have any other views post them up and il take them into account, the more i look i think i DO have a cal/mag issue,
    but if im right in saying, this is because of the potassium in the coco (it builds up and crystalises?) and this competes with magnesium and calcium?
    thats my diagnosis and you's have said the same, so think its more than likely this, just dont want to do any permanent damage, 
    il flush here today when i get chance, how well do you think i should flush,? they are 11lt pots, flush twice that through them? or do i not need as much
  10. If you have the means to drain out the water then flushing as much water as you can won't hurt. However after a dramatic flush the medium will likely be near inert again so I would advise a small pH balanced feeding afterwards if you do flush heavily.
  11. After lookin at them today, after that last feed they look a lot better, good green new growth,

    I mixed up nutes again and gave them a heavy watering hopefully flush out any salts and replace medium with nutes, well that's my idea

    What you think? Il update with pics tomorrow

    Also dropped led lights to around 9 inches off the canopy,

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