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  1. I usually get about 4-6 weeks of decent feed, and it seems to take about 2 weeks before it starts to really break down & become available. I was worried about it having too much N for flower since I don't veg very long but it gets used up pretty fast usually from what I can see.

    I've gone back to nutes for weed but I use this all the time outside in our veggie garden, both in coco and soil. It's a great additive when mixing up soil which I usually make with compost, coco, EWC, perlite, and a handful of this shit(s) LOL

  2. I remember seeing a tomato plant of yours early on in this thread. It inspired me to save some coco from this most recent harvest to use for a tomato plant. Gonna get that going real soon.

    Good to have you back on the forums Ed! :wave: I hope this means life has mellowed out and your enjoying some smooth sailing :smoke:

  3. Thanks Pot :wave: Yeah things are chilly chill :smoke:

    Tomatoes LOVE coco, you'll have a blast with that I promise LOL
  4. I got some tomatoes in Patio Plus soil, and doing ok...Now I know what I'm gonna rock with my one-time used coco...Shite howdy..Can't wait!..
  5. There ya go :metal:
  6. Hey ED love your info. I been growing coco for about 2 years now. Hand watering nutes everyday and flushing alot gets to be alot work when ur backs killing ya lol. This dry blend fert seems like it could save me some time.
    Hows quality compared to liquid chems did you even notice anything with yield was there more stretching? Did ur plants have more aroma to them using MC since its mostly organics.
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    Hey Jimmy! Yeah these ferts are great but I only use the Marine Cuisine for veg stage. So far I've only had a couple of decent runs with organic additives through flowering, but I've had way more failures LOL

    I have had a lot of inconsistency with organics & coco, I believe it's due to me not letting it 'cook' enough to start with, I have a long way to go in solving some mag issues as well :(

    I know what you mean about the back breaking work. I've been working on reducing that stress and overall maintenance, I grow every damn day so I want it as easy as I can get it LOL

    I have been flood feeding my plants lately, I believe no flush is needed, they got mad at me last time and when I check I hardly see any build up.

    The one thing I can't get around is watering frequency. In peak flowering usage I'm watering every-other-day period! It's not too bad because I have the mixing routine pretty refined, but that's the one thing I have to live with. My options are not ones I like - automated irrigation system or huge containers.

    I will say though that the plants absolutely love the MC, the color is healthy and they are happy happy happy. I may have to give this experiment another go...
  8. Ok ED thanks man cool info yep i have da mixing down pretty good but now im trying to run the minimum amount of ppm and least amount nitrogen. My last few batches burnt horrible using floraduo its not da nutes its my fault. Im tryn to figure what made it that bad i started using 1tsp of gh ph down powder. With da liquid my buds never mattered to flush maybe not im tripping cause my herb sucked lol idk peace Ed keep it rolling
  9. Hmmmm... I don't know much about Floraduo but I do see a lot of people burn with that line (no offense to those who use it - I burn plants myself LOL). I will usually alternate with water if I have some strong nutes. I have tried a lot of nute lines and my favs are CNS17 (so easy to use...) and AN Monkey Juice (I don't think they make this anymore). Fox Farms worked well but I burned the shit out of most my plants, hard to dial in IMO.

    Marine Cuisine is great though, definitely worth trying :)
  10. Yep 1st time i bought da 3 part i roasted my plants and found out 1st hand how to recongize it coming. The tips of each leaf burn and then edgez around leaf. I lost most leafs that run cuz i thought 10 ml of each wouldnt burn since that was almost half da strenght but with hard well watet since then ive got ph and ppm meter and a ro filter.
    With floraduo lucas says 5 ml A and 15 ml of B is his method with it. But i must say 5ml of A n B worked awesome plus good for coco with 5% cal
  11. Love Marine Cuisine very good amendment its in all my pots outside and I use it indoors at a tbsp per gallon usually and does great for shoring up nutes and having to mix liquid based nutes a lot less.
  12. So it's been like 2 years since a post in this, was wondering is this is still a viable good mix? Do people still do this with good results?
  13. ive been wondering the same..
    Ive been using marine cuisine since i first saw this thread about 18months ago. It has made my veg life so much easier. If there was something that worked better i would use it but what works best(marine cuisine) happens to be the easiest as well. Its just enough for a 4-6 week veg(like ed said) and the beginning of flower. As soon as i switch to flower i begin using my regular chemical nutes(H&G cocos) with no problems at all. 
  15. i wanna go all organic with coco and havin trouble finding a good TEA recipe..
  16. I didnt like it gave me n tox in flower

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