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  1. [quote name='"potweed"']Haha SCMC you got me excited to see this at top of the page, thought Ed came back. Ive been referring to this a lot lately(just switched to coco)[/quote]

    I seriously think Ed is locked up in some Texan penitentiary.
  2. [quote name='"SCMC"']

    I seriously think Ed is locked up in some Texan penitentiary.[/quote]

    Or the Republicans convinced him marijuana is bad.
  3. Or someone shot him and claimed self-defense since Ed was stinking up the town with his dank buds
  4. Nope, locked up at work and they never let him out to play anymore. He misses this place and has been talking about getting back here for some fun. :smoke: :wave:
  5. I have also been using coco peralite mix with marine cuisine mixed in as well and it works wonders indoors and out. COCO is the best medium.... easiest to handle...... I can thank Ed and MrsEd for there guides on coco explaining how easy it is to use, More Ed but still ill throw your name in there Mrs Ed
  6. Coolio PolarBear! :hello: Have you just been doing water with that? We tried to go with a coco/soil mix outside this year and just flat out hate it. They grow so dang slow and make it boring to grow. You know how the coco girls just shoot for the sky and end up huge in no time. :smoke:
  7. I am doing a mixture of Botanicare cocogro, roots organics coco mix, and general organics ancient forest humus and I definitely am seeing more of a soil pace of growth instead of the pure coco vigor I love.

    But. But. But... It's organic... At least I have that.
  8. Organic is the bomb but the ease of nutes is a nice one. :)

  9. I use distilled water on them and with the marine cusine it makes ph to 5.8 much easier, I have Coco soil mix outside and its much different from inside being that its so dam hot this year (probs alot hotter in texas which is the reason you find it so hard to use the mix outdoors.) that it drys up a 3 gallon pot in only 3 to 4 hours so i find myself watering and misting up to three times a day.... But the reason i find coco so addictive is exactly as ed explains in his guide.... The growth rates are just outstanding especially when you have a peralite mix, As long as you follow a schedule and keep a strict ph of 5.8, your BUDs will always flourish in COCO:smoke::smoke:
  10. High everybody! Man you all make a guy feel good :) As the self proclaimed coco evangelist :rolleyes: to see people using this stuff and having fun just makes this grower really happy :smoke:

    You know I figured most people would think I was locked up LOL I'd have no problem admitting if I was but you know life just changed priorities on me so the GC time got hit HARD. Things are better now, and getting better time wise so I'm so happy to be back among the blades.

    Haven't slowed down on growing though, that remains on the short list haha Thanks to everyone who chimed in while I was out, I'm reading through now and may comment on a few...

  11. Hey potweed! Welcome to the wonderful world of coco :hello:

    They convinced me they are bad for any kind of reform in Texas concerning MJ laws :mad:


    I really wanted to try (again) some organic outside this year with the veggies, but yeah it's total limp noodle compared to the craziness of all coco. We've already thrown out a few and replanted in pure coco LOL

    Hey Polar! Yeah it's over 100 degrees today, it's going to be a hot summer. We are using 10 gal pots and I expect those to dry up daily. Glad to hear you are rocking the buds though :)
  12. Oh.

    A horse is a horse
    Of course of course.

    The amazing Mista Ed!

    Glad to see you around man. You're presence has been missed.
  13. The long anticipated return! Your coco guides have inspired me to turn away from DWC, now this marine cuisine has me really excited for my next grow in a month or two.

    Hate to jump right back into AskingEd, but I'll do it any way! Do you think MC would work with a drip or would that release the nutes too fast?

    I know this one was touched upon a few times a few years back, but if I transplanted straight from a Dixie cup to a 5g bucket (so no transplant come 12/12), is there anything I would need to do to be providing optimal nutes for the start of flowering?

    Will "hot spots" form in areas that the roots have not yet been able to get to to remove the dissolving nutes (I'm worried that once the roots get down to the bottom I will get nute burn and not know where it came from)?

  14. Ha! Thank you kindly, and thanks for sharing all your knowledge and perpetuating the coco culture around here :)

    Hi case! I'm honored to have a hand in converting anyone to coco LOL And no problem with the AskingEd, I love talking shop :)

    I think a drip system would work fine with MC, but I'd say it only needs to drip until you see some runoff (probably less then an hour if done daily), I think anything more than that would be bad. I don't think it would release too fast.

    On the transplanting - to me the key in providing optimal nutes all starts with the roots, you must have a healthy root system for good performance otherwise you may be chasing ghosts. What I do to encourage root growth is leave out amendments and nutes and let the roots go searching for food.

    Not what MC enthusiasts want to hear right now I know LOL But my focus has been on root development lately, and nothing makes me happier than to see little white roots growing out the drain holes at the bottom only a few days after transplanting :)

    I use nutes currently (Botanicare CNS-17), and I don't switch to bloom nutes until I call first bud on a plant usually. Personal preference but seems to work well and keeps the girls happy during their stretch period.

    As far as hot spots - that's a valid concern and I don't think it burns really, but one thing I've learned with coco & organics is that an inoculation period makes a world of difference. If I were to do this experiment again, I would mix the MC & coco and let it sit for about a month or two before using it. I would keep it watered so the organic materials would continue to break down. I think this would help reduce the hotspot potential as a bonus.

    Hope this helps!

  15. Hey Ed its good to have you finnally back we miss your imput in the coco city:hello:................. But o dam Ed you got those ten gals drying up daily!!!!!:eek: THats insane Ed............ Must really be global warming
  16. Been using the marine cuisine and i can't imagine ever going back to chemical nutes in veg.

  17. Well it's almost hot enough but so far it's been raining just about everyday down here so I'm having to feed them big buckets in between showers. One thing about coco outside, rain really makes them hungry!

    Ah it's wonderful stuff. I love going to a friend's house that has a sickly looking house plant. I rub a little MC in the top and water it in good and 2 weeks later they have a healthy happy plant :D Tomatoes love this shit too.
  18. [quote name='"AskEd"']

    Well it's almost hot enough but so far it's been raining just about everyday down here so I'm having to feed them big buckets in between showers. One thing about coco outside, rain really makes them hungry!

    Ah it's wonderful stuff. I love going to a friend's house that has a sickly looking house plant. I rub a little MC in the top and water it in good and 2 weeks later they have a healthy happy plant :D Tomatoes love this shit too.[/quote]

    That's good to know because my only coco tomato this year is so pathetic compared to her soil brethren. She was on deaths door when i got her, a miracle she survived really, but this beefsteak has left me wanting more. In fairness I haven't been able to feed her very often. I think that here, in the coastal mountains, the morning fog and dew that supports the giant redwoods is absorbed by the coco fiber and it stays very moist. My 5 gallon soil planters dry faster than my 3 gallons of coco and the mist is the only reason I could think of to explain that. The tomato is on the left.

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  19. Funny you say that, I have a BeefSteak that I'm about to toss out because it's growing so slow and the blooms just aren't progressing. It's in a mostly-coco soil and looks healthy, but it should be waaaaay bigger at this point. I have some younger tomatoes of a different kind in the same mix doing fine :confused:

    I don't know if that is a picky strain or what but this is my 3rd year to strike out with that one. Have you had any luck before with that one in coco?

    I have great success with Cherry tomatoes and the Super Sweet 100 Hybrid, my goodness they are prolific in coco and grow scarily fast. The kids love to come pick 'em and pop 'em too LOL The regular stuff like Early Girls and Romas seem to grow pretty normal for me, a little on the bigger side but not as crazy as the cherry type.

    Good luck with that, I'd be interested to see how you do with the BS (LOL).

    I saw a Modern Marvels or How They Make It episode where they showed a beautiful greenhouse commercial tomato grow (in Canada I think) that was using coco. I had to roll a fatty and sit down for that one haha.

    They had a slick system that allowed the plants to grow about 20' and they would harvest from the bottom as it did, remove the leaves and lay down the bare stalk into a gutter as it grew taller. So the plants were about 6'-8' tall (vertically) at any given time, but it may have 10' of old growth laying down horizontally.

    Hard to explain really but very impressive to see, these guys had it down solid. Their nutrient mix was basically calcium nitrate with 'a few additives', they were ripping open 50lb bags of the stuff into an industrial vat of water with the big automated paddle props mixing it up.

    That kind of thing gives me dangerous ideas LOL :smoke:
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    How's it goin fella. One question I have is about the slow release nitrogen and whether it's out of the way by the transition into full flowering. How much veg time do you find you can get out of this mix without feeding? Weeks, months?

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