Coco Ebb and flow and hydroton drip system

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  1. Right now I have some clones in coco that have been vegging for almost a month which are also as of yestarday being grown with the ebb and flow method being fed 4 times a day for a 15 min flood period. Right now my rez sits at 5.8ph and 1500ppm ( I no this number is high but I am going to sit it out and observe) I feel that the plants are in vigorous growth and may be able to handle it if not I will add some RO water.

    Also I have about 10plants in hydroton flowering ( a past experiment I am converting to coco) and 2 coco in flower. My partner handles most of the flowering while I handle vegging/clone so not much information except the hydroton is under a drip and the 2 coco i water by hand.

    These are a unique strain made by a straight hippie with much experience so it took me awhile to keep it a healthy growing and green, very touchy plant. I believe it is a cross between purple snow cap and Himalayan gold.

    Any input or advice would be much appreciated this is my first indoor and also first hydroponic run and i love it!! ha

  2. here are some pics, the veg room is LST and the flower is under a scrog, i am considering doing a scrog in the veg room to and have two separate rooms flowering.

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