Coco coir nutrient question!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GreenTeaFtw, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. I bought a product called: Coir-Peat Brick PLUS slow release fertiliser

    Is Coir-peat the same as coco-coir because it looks as if the brick has coconut husks in it.

    Back to the question, will my plant grow if I use this coir-peat with no npk (because it already has it added) + add dolomite lime to it.

    Will it grow properly?
  2. Either way don't use it. You don't want slow realize fertilizer in any medium. No way to control it.

    Trust me on this. Start will some good high quality coco. I had to use a shitty brick once and it caused all sorts of issues for me during that crop.
  3. get some straight coco make sure its triple washed or whatever so you can control all the nutes.. i had problems with that coco + more crap it sucks balls just like the perlite + more crap
  4. I would never grow with coco if there wasn't a equal amount of compost added in with it. Then you want a equal part perlite (no time release fets as usual). a few cups crushed egg shell and neem leaf and it should be loaded with redworms and ready in no time. one thing neem is not a good source of zinc, so maybe add some moldy green sand or sum sumpin.

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