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coco coir in hydroponic

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by jenhuei, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Hi lads! :hello:
    If somebody has some experience with coco coir in hydro (like wilma/yaroots pot system or whatever)
    please let me know about your experience.
    I have almost everything prepared but I don't know few things
    I red that somebody advised mixing perlite with coco coir but... perlite decomposes faster than coco...
    ( I dont want to spoil the coco adding the perlite/vermiculite as I`m gonna use the fiber several times :)
    yaroots 8pots drip system
    400W hps, 2x250 enviro red
    atami coco A/B, root stimulator, atazyme, bloom stimulator, coco booster etc.
    Any info is very valuable for me :smoke:
    Thanx in advance for support my friends.

  2. thx for quick reply bro, I still look for the right choice digging the internet
    the main problem is the bottom of a pot: I`m afraid that the coir escapes and would block the pump or dripers,
    anyway my quess is: I`ll lay some clay pebbles at the bottom just about 5cm thick (or more) layer to stop coir from escaping to a tank.
    Leave the rest of pot filled by coir, maybe this is gonna work well.
    Give me a shoot if you have info.
  3. You can use the coco alone if you desire it works great and any kind or rock in the bottom will create an air pocket hydroton is little and falls out through the holes but if your into buying coco pebbles go ahead I stopped at coco peat and did just swell. Make sure to sterilize the rocks throw them in the over for a while at 450 this should do it. With coco you only need water like once or twice a day max as you want your coco to dry out a little in between watering over watering is really easy as people think its all running off. No! You will find it actually retains moisture rather well I used it 10 gallon pots and when testing for survival tolerances in extreme failures I could actually go 3 days easy without watering, and into the fourth before drooping began. I was able to convert to a run with no waste due to the retention properties, there buy removing them from trays to the ground gaining back 21 inches of vertical growth headroom. I could water them twice a day for one minute with no run off I did not get a clear definitive for the mediums mineral affinity but it looked like potassium on the rapidest I have not finished processing all of the final core samples in detail yet. I ran lower a Ph regularly 5.6 and 5.8 only allowing solution above that at a couple key intervals as the medium tends to drift towards basic by hydroponics standards. I grew plants that I harvested with a electric Remington chainsaw! LOL serious! Wound up taking a 1k watt lamp per plant to finish 6 plants 6 lamps with a final that I will not boast but it will be in the book. Coco is a very tolerant medium with incredible capacities in large volumes! At the end of my cycle they were transpiring 3.5 gallons of nutrient solution per day when the light would power and dark was achieved you could not stand in the room more then 15 minutes as the humidity combined with massive odor released in energy being given off by the plants in such great volume made you completely sick to your stomach its was incredible!Talk about experiencing your plants! Let me ad you only need to feed them at a 50% max dilution ratio of that stated on your fertilizer. I rotated tanks one with nutrient at 50% the next with ph adjusted water. Hope this helps you in some way. May success always find you in all of your gardening advetures.....

    Dynosow-er:smoke: " It takes more then a ladder to get me down"
  4. Thx for the precious info mate, finally someone with experience here
    I have to read this carefully to understand it,
    anyways I appreciate your time and knowledge man.
    Cheers, Chris.
  5. yeah that was the forum I was looking for, thx mate you`re great.
  6. very comprehensive info bro, I red it and it`s great source of data about coco medium
    thx for your time man, Godspeed.

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