Coco Coir, 400W, Scrog Setup... Cali-Meds Day29 Check Out The Ladies

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  1.         I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was in 9th grade...  A freshman in high school.  It was a warm September afternoon.  Humid as hell, in true South Florida fashion. The school year had just begun, and I was just getting my feet wet with all of the new classes, the new schedule, and being what I thought at the time was some sort grown up...  BAHAHAHA...  I digress.....
                 On the way home, my friend Alton seemed a little giddy on the bus. Just anxious looking, yet with a twinge of a smile at the corner of his mouth.   We had been best friends since I had moved there 4 years earlier.  Something was up with him, and I was determined to find out what it was.  I asked him what he was so excited about, but wouldn't tell me!  Of course I jostled him a bit to pry the good news from him, but it just wouldn't work!  We were best friends!  We told each other everyhting...  After a few seconds, he smiled and  told me to "just wait till we get off the bus..."  to which I shrugged and turned my gaze back out the window.  
             Long before the bus had come to a stop, Alton glanced over with that smirk again, grabbed his bag and was impatiently waiting to get the hell off this yellow paddy wagon.  He had some pretty good news...  I was just glad that I was about to get let in on the juicy gossip!...  Were one of the Krazinski twins pregnant again?!....  Did he find $100 bill?!!!..  What was so fuckin special about.....
             ......We had gotten about 15 steps when the bus pulled off, he turned around, and looked me straight in the eye.  His grin was just about as big as I had ever seen it in those past 4 years. Which was a little less then a third of our lives at the time...  And in his hand......    was a film canister.  Just a regular old 35mm black Kodak film canister with the standard grey plastic top.  
    "Open it..."
    "What is it?"
           Now, at the time,  sure....  We had all heard of D.A.R.E.  So my first reaction was not one of utter excitement.  Truth be told,  I was a little freaked out that he was just standing there with it!  That shock was short lived and was quickly overcome by a burning curiosity (forgive the pun.)      
    So I opened it.  
              Looking down into the the dimly lit film can, it didn't look so threatening...  a small...  kinda brown... kinda green...   kinda compressed piece of something you would casually flick off of you if it had fallen from a bush. There definitely wasn't anything to be admired.  
    "Smell it man."
            It had only been about 8 seconds since I was first introduced weed, and already it felt so comfortable in my hand.  Hell!  It may as well been film.  So I exibit WEED up to my nose and took a sniff.....
           It has been proven that your sense of smell is more closely tied to memories then any other sense the human body possesses.   That smell came blasting back to me as if through space and time all at once to a time when I may have been 4 or five, and my mom and her friend were watching me on the deck of our buddy's sailboat.  We were in Marathon in the Florida Keys where I was born...   When my toddler nose smelled a sweet earthy pine smell aloft in the air.  I peaked down the companion way just to glance at my dad and three other friends of the family sitting around smiling and one woman was sucking on what looked like one of the pretzel sticks I was always hitting mom up for in those days...  but this one was bright Orange on the end!  How intriguing...    ....but that smell....
    "Come here, Jordie..."  My mom playfully picked me up and set her on her lap.
    "Whats dad mom?"
    "Just talking about grown up stuff...  You want some pretzel sticks?"
    And that was the end of that....
    POP!!!   My dad was smoking weed on the boat when I was a kid...
    I didn't say it out loud at the time...  this was all still too new to me, but now there was as big a shit eating grin on my face as there was on Alton's now.
    "Okay,  so what are you gonna do with it?"
    "We're gonna smoke it!
    Within minutes we were back at his place both amped with excitement, intrigue, and most of all curiosity.
    His older cousin had left a soda can steam roller out and Alton had seen it when he was over on the patio.  We did our best to craft one of these world famous (and used in a pinch) pieces of paraphernalia, and we ran off in to the scrub pines behind his house.  We sat there Indian style, lit the lighter, and passed around what was the inaugural smoke out of a life filled with the passion for this gift from Gaia. The woods became a happier, brighter, more inviting place.  Even the dirt seemed more interesting.  We smiled, and laughed  until it hurt.  then laughed some more.  I walked out of the woods that day with a new outlook on Life and Buffalo wings.
     I haven't looked back,  and I would't trade a day since.
    And that's how we arrive at present day. 
       Hey Fellow Blades!!!  I'm Jordan.
    Just thought I would start this first of grow blogs for me with the story of how it all began.  It has been almost 15 years to the month since that GLORIOUS September day.  I now live in Venice, CA. where arguably some of the best medicine on the planet can be found.  I happen to be "balancing my chi" at this very moment actually with some XJ-13.   ;)    But that's another forum all together.
    Lets get down to the knitty gritty, shall we!!
    I got some nice clones from my local dispensary down on Abbot Kinney.
               1 Tahoe OG
               1 Cheese Quake (came 1 week later)
               1 Girl Scout Cookies
    It's nice to know that they are female and I got a good head start on vegsince they were already 7" tall off the bat.
    I am using 2 gallon plastic grow bags.  There is a 1" layer of coarse perlite lining the bottom of the bag to act as a base for the medium to drain out into.  
      THE MIX!!
    I am using an organic (mostly) soil-less mix with a Coco Coir base. 
        60% Coco Coir
        30% Perlite
        10% Organic Worm Castings (the reason I say Mostly soil-less)
    cocogro.png mycorr.png worm cast.png perlite.png
    I also added 2 tbsp domelite Lime per Gallon of Mix as a PH buffer, nd about 2 cups of granulates Mycorrhizae bacteria to the whole 9 gallon batch to enrich the soil by eating the organic material and crapping out plant power.
      THE NUTES!
    I decided to go with a one part base from Botanicare called ProGro.  
    Every other feeding I will add 3-4mL CalMag
    I also add 5 drops of water per gallon of Superthrive for supplemental hormones and vitamins.
    I'm just starting to add 4-5mL Liquid Karma (Botanicare bloom supliment)
    IMG_20130504_230748_119.jpg calmag.png liquid Karma.png progro.png super.png IMG_20130504_230748_119.jpg
    I dont like to be TOO careful and never go more then 3/4 strength of recommended strength.  They just want you to burn through your nutes so you have to buy more.  And you run the risk of nute burn.
    Mind you I am only feeding 700ml of nute water through the pots every 2 days.  Use 100mL Syringe 
    For the veg part,  I had started them in the box I built with 3 - 55w 6500K PL-L CFL lights. and the 400w MH light with cool tube being vented by a 4" Vortex centrifugal exhaust far.  We live on the second floor so our vent goes right out the roof!  The ballast is one that can switch from MH to HPS which is awesome.
    CFL.jpg 8'' COOL TUBE reflector.jpg vortex.jpg IMG_20130504_200138_294.jpg
      THE BOX!!
    I basically built the box out of that 1" thick mylar coated insulation board that is sold in 8'x4' pieces.
    if you want exact dimensions,  just ask.  I will give you the measurements.    Painted the inside FLAT WHITE (no gloss white is not more reflective) Made a PVC arch with eye hook bolts to hold up the lights on hood yoyo's. I was going to do an automated drip system,  but the first  digital timer didn't have an earth plug (ground).  so I just got accustom to hand watering every two days. The Coir is impossible to over water and readily drains.  This is deff bringing that precious O2 down to those beautiful white root hairs.  All in all cost was under $300.  About $150 for the light and fan off Craigslist (there are a lot of "growers" out here) and less then $150 @ Home Depot for the rest...  Minus the nutes which I got at a local hydroponic store.  And the clones. $15x3  so $45.....   Well I guess call it under $400.  but at $350 an OZ for good meds out here,  well worth it.
    IMG_20130502_201240_823.jpg IMG_20130502_201323_958.jpg IMG_20130504_200049_440.jpg
    IMG_20130505_173943_083.jpg IMG_20130506_015001_347.jpg
    I have a 120CFM computer fan acting as a booster into the box and the 4" vortex as the active exhaust. Have maintained negative pressure inside the box.  Even though it's legal for me to grow,  I will be getting an inline carbon filter to keep the neighbors from having to smell the skunky gals. 
    IMG_20130502_201439_465.jpg c filter.png
    I had to take down the grow box about 9 days into the girls making it into their new digs due to the building doing a series of renovations due to a city inspection.  I STILL dont want them knowing,  so I took down the main box, and converted the base into a light fixture for just the CFL's to mount on. The inspection happens on the 6th,  so just 3 more days and I will put it back up!!
       THE PLAN
    So I have decided to SCROG these gals.  If i'm only going to grow 3 plants,  I'd like to try for 2-3 oz per plant.  At the rate things are going,  it's not that far from non-fiction.  I look forward to doing a few videos durring the flowering portion of this adventure.  So farthey have been vegging for 29 days.  and I have 4 days till the HPS comes out and they get their flower on.  So in a few days,  the giants you see in the photos will be bent all the way over to train them into the screen.  I am well aware that it should have been started probably 3 weeks ago,  and it was!!!  But with all the inspections,  plans CHANGE!!!  haha  Sue me.
    IMG_20130507_205056_364.jpg IMG_20130507_205145_204.jpg IMG_20130603_191814_224.jpg IMG_20130603_191833_142.jpg IMG_20130603_191855_830.jpg IMG_20130603_192008_417.jpg IMG_20130603_194605_088.jpg IMG_20130603_194850_224.jpg IMG_20130603_195006_318.jpg IMG_20130603_195130_808.jpg IMG_20130603_182823_200.jpg
    So being that this is my first grow journal...  Come one come all!!!  and we can watch these babies get fully funkey together!!!!
    Please feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments...  Just lets keep it positive.  I will ask that we all speak to each other with respect.  Leave your first time stories if you feel inspired!  Keep it Classy,  And stay tuned!!!

  2. pretty sweet dude, subbed.  I'm doing my first SCROG as well.  I like the set up, props bro!
  3. Thanks man!  I am gonna switch them over to 12/12 this saturday when I rebuild the box.  Gotta start training these ladies.  I'm a little worried about snapping a few branches,  but am not too worried about it.  MJ is super fuckin resilient. I'll throw pics up of all that when we get there.  You have any pics of your setup?
    Later Brotha!
  4. Yea,

    I haven't built my screen yet though since i'm only 10 days into Veg for 3 plants and 4 days into Veg for 2 others.
    Did you do any stress training prior to adding the screen?
  5. Honestly,  I really didn't have to.  These clones started shooting off major branckes all up and down the trunk.  they all caught up with the main stem as it was topped twice.  I will have about 12-14 tops per plant as of right now.  I wont top them any more.  just train them into the screen come Saturday.  I'm tellin you though....  Superthrive is where it's @   it subsidizes Vitamins and growth hormones to the plants.   That and some granulated mycorrhisa bacteria in the soil...   These little guys basically break down the organic matter into organic plant food.  This keeps the plants going even when your not feeding them.  It actually helps keep nute levels up in the soil so that you can cut back a little on the chemical plant foods and avoid nute burn.  You cant burn the roots with organic nutrients being produced in the soil naturally.  The plant simply takes what it wants when it wants, and you save money on the chemical stuff!  Pretty bad azz system.  and as you can see,  these guys are on 1 month today.  I guess I did have a head start since they were clones with roots already,  but then again....  thats one of the reasons I moved to cali!  So I can have it like that!!!   So nice.....
  6. I was thinking about topping, but im still undecided.  Yea i have the ff nutrient trio and im going to add bud candy to my nute list this round.  Ive heard of super thrive, but never really did any research on it.  Seems pretty interesting.
  7. SUPERthrive is a WARF testing lab–certified nontoxic<sup>[citation needed]</sup> liquid concentrated growth enhancer product for plants, which has been available since 1940. It contains ".09% vitamin B[SUB]1[/SUB], .048% 1-Napthyl acetic acid",.<sup>[1]</sup>
    The packaging says that it should be included in the normal fertilizing program to improve some 50 phases of horticulture. The packaging does not claim to have any N-P-K (macro-nutrient fertilizer) or trace minerals.
    The hormone 1-Naphthyl acetic acid (NAA) does not occur naturally. Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), products containing NAA require registration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as pesticides. The sale of Superthrive is prohibited in OklahomaMinnesota, and Oregon as an unregistered pesticide.
    In support of the plant regulator clarification amendment called “A National Tribute” on the SUPERthrive boxes that states: In 1972, 6 unanimous votes in the U.S. Congress protected SUPERthrive's nontoxic and unrivalled formula from pointless, illegal pressures for exposure to piracy. The legislation was supported by 36 leading professional, trade and horticultural associations, and over 3,000 professional petitions affirming their environment-aiding essentially. The nation voiced its concern for availability in the U.S. And the House of Representatives Agriculture Committee General Counsel said “The agriculturists all supported you.”
    Uses include transplanting, reviving, and general strengthening of growth of trees and other plants.
    The SUPERthrive product has many adherents, not only professional horticulturists, but, according to its packaging: "US Departments of Agriculture, Army, Navy; states, cities,<sup>[2]</sup> counties,<sup>[3]</sup> universities."
    SUPERthrive was developed by Dr. John A. A. Thomson. He was the first chemist to receive the National Lawn & Garden Marketing & Distribution Association's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.<sup>[4]</sup><sup>[5]</sup>
  8. A lot has happened in the past week.  I made the choice to transplant the girls from the 2 gallon grow bags that they were in,  to 3 gallon Smart Pots.  These pots breath and are self wicking.  This keeps the moisture levels and O2 levels at perfect levels to promote giant healthy roots.  I am basically soaking them down every two days with 10 percent run off and they are loving it.
    smart pot.jpg
    I got word that the inspections are over!!!!  So,  I immediately went to work building the grow box seen in earlier pictures back up so that I could bend these girls over and train them into the screen.  Tookme about an hour and a half, and PRESTO!!  Indoor plant paradise resurrected!  At this point,  the ladies are 18" tall!  We need to get them horizontal stat!  In the Box they went, popped in the HPS bulb, and switched the timer to 12/12.  The flowering has begun!!
     I gave the girls over night to relax in their new pots, and the next day,  it was SCROG TIME!  I put the screen in and it was a lot easier to get them all bent over into position then I thought it was gonna be.  They will stay that way after a day or so in that same spot.  It was actually super easy!  Just set the branches under the screen in the direction that you would like to fill in,  the plants do the rest.  
    SCROG 1-1.jpg SCROG 1-2.jpg SCROG 1-3.jpg
    4 days and one additional shift later,  here they are
    SCROG 2-1.jpg SCROG 2-2.jpg
    Since I live in an apt building, and have respect for those neighbors that might not be as excited by the smell of a box full o bud ripening, I decided to build a styro-board box to house a small 150CFM Phresh  Filter that will either blow into my kitchen/dining area,  or can attach to the pasta strainer exit duct I built to blow it our our cooking vent! 
    filter.jpg filter inside.jpg filter outside.jpg finished filter.jpg
      I live on the top floor,  so the vent is a direct exit to the air.  In the daytime I can see daylight in the vent.  Freakin awesome....  Here are some photos to show you what is goin on.
    air duct first.jpg air duct 1.jpg air duct 2.jpg filter wall.jpg
    The plants are already starting to show the first signs of flowering.  and the faint smell of skunk is in the air...  in the box.  the apt has never smelled fresher with that filter pumping fresh air out all day!
    More to come!!   Stay tuned!
  9. And a lot of it!!  haha  Thanks Man.  Switching to Flowering nutes today! 4 days in to Flower with a flush 2 days ago to get all the growth nutes out.  Bout to kick it into high gear!!
  10. The Stretch started 2 days ago...  The WHOLE top of the screen is packed!!!  I counted 70 tops that wriggled their way through.  Hopefully they will finish stretching before they get too much bigger.  If that be the case,  My box should be tall enough @ 4' to go the whole run without adding more height to the ceiling.  The Tahoe OG is kickin out some pistils already.  Now the waiting game is on....   I'm gonna do some more research,  but I think I will take them to nine weeks.
  11. Right on!  I have been using it on all kinds of plants for years....   I've always gotten good results.  You will most likely be pretty happy with what you see.  Watch the growth that comes from the sides. The ladies will branch out all by themselves without the need for too much fimming. They are exploding!!  I will post some pics tomorrow.  Things are lookin goood....
  12. Gonna post some pics tonight...  the ladies are really looking good!!
  13. Things are lookin up!!! 

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  14. This is Day 17 of Flower above
  15. All is well!!!   this is gonna be such a great haul.  I can't wait to get the dry weight!
  16. Trim Spa BABY!!!

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