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  1. How are you supposed to monitor pH? I understand water in at 5.8-6.2 for all elements to be available. Run off is unreliable thank God because im looking at a 7.3 run off. Is there a method to checking root zone pH? Using pH perfect muted but am I just supposed to be careful what goes on and ignore what comes out. Anyone ever grow with dakine420 organic Coco? I want a cleaner method to indoor growing, been watching canuk Coco method with only dry ammendments in the Coco and it seems simple enough but science tells me that growing method is bullshit.
  2. Go hydro, simplest method with the greatest results.
    There is a slight learning curve and you must monitor PH and PPM's at least every 3rd day, but during late flower everyday and mine drink 5 gallons of water per day right now in late flower.
  3. So Coco hydro version? Dwc required a chiller and I can't make that happen. Could just go back to pro mix. Really wanted to go with Coco, seen some great things with it once dialed feed is in. Soil is just so damn messy that I'm determined to find another medium
  4. Hempy bucket.
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  5. Have 4 hempys and 4 coco perlite. Whichever I like best will determine how I grow from now on. I do like Coco so far...just hate that run off isnt accurate
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  6. Runoff is accurate enough. Are you mentioning the 7.3 ph outta one? What setup
  7. So what did you decide?? I am running Coco Hempys right now and it is going well so far.

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