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  1. Hey I am embarking on my first Coco grow very soon and have found less then enough info to satisfy me. I am very curious on any tips or advice anyone has but very concerned on the correct ph. Do I monitor ph the same as my soil grows or is it different? Thanks in advanced for any info you have for me in regards to this subject.
  2. No coco growers out there?
  3. I've used coco over the years and have made many different organic soil mixes with it. As everything it has it's Pro's and Con's. I will try point out what I've found over the years.

    1. Coco husk is processed in Sirlanka with the local sea water, because of that Coco has a high salt content and incorrect PH.
    2. Coco need to be washed and treated prior to use. This practice washes aways all the salts and impurities and corrects the PH problem.
    3. Quality Coco is available from quality suppliers that claim they've already washed their coco, but I would still treat it myself to be sure
    4. I've grown a lot of different plants over the years and have noticed they all started growing better when I switched to Peat Moss.
    5. Peat Moss - Doesn't have to be processed prior to use and has a better PH value than Coco.

    I've switched to Peat and I like it.
  4. Thanks dude! Your advice has helped alot! I have heard the washing thing in my research but could you maybe elaborate on your method? I was looking really hard for peat moss and I could not find it any where :( so that is why I ended up trying to coco because I was curious to this as well. What were you ph balancing your grows with? Thanks again.
  5. Im using some now for my current project, but its the coco floor mats, i use the rockwool cubes, but i realized like half way threw there life the roots would hit the bottom and stop growing which would make it not grown as much. So i did a lil research and found the floor mats, now the roots come out the bottom and grow and spread through the mat, and i did notice that i had to lift my lights up more than norma,l so i guess its work better this way, at least for me...For the ph i try to keep it at 5.7 just cuz im doin hydro, i think it might b a lil high for organic....almost for got, i got my mother n a coco mix pot, seems to work good too, no complaints, and for that i keep it at 6.1
  6. Thanks for the info! I appreciate it. I will be starting White Widow and Super Silver Haze in these Coco mixes I plan on making lets hope for the best I only have 1 feminized seed of each so. Thanks again

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