Cockfighting at Children's Party in Texas

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  1. Police Bust Cockfighting Ring at Texas Children's Party

    Published May 01, 2011

    DAYTON, Texas -- Police busted a cockfighting ring in Texas that was using a children's party as its front, officials said Sunday.

    Acting on an anonymous tip, deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff's Office showed up at a property in Dayton, Texas -- about 40 miles (65 km) northeast of Houston -- to investigate a report of a cockfighting operation Saturday.

    When they arrived, the officers discovered a children's party underway, complete with a waterslide and a picnic table.

    But suspects began to emerge from behind the innocent revelry, fleeing to their vehicles and on foot into the tree line, upon seeing the deputies.

    Several suspects sped away in their cars, some even crashing into one another and driving through a wooden fence, police said.

    As the children stood by the waterslide, crying, police officers discovered a grisly scene of dead and dying fowl -- some suffering severe blood loss and cuts. The birds were found just feet from where the children were playing, police said.

    Live fowl were found pinned in cages throughout the entire property, some still armed with deadly steel blades attached to their beaks.

    Inside a small barn, officers discovered a fighting ring, complete with scales, tags, entry slips and other evidence of cockfights.

    Officials from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) responded to the scene and recovered 48 live birds -- many valued in excess of $1,000 each -- and also removed a horse and two dogs in poor condition from the property.

    Officers arrested Jose Lara and Irasema Ramirez at the scene for failing to identify and interfering with a law enforcement investigation. Police said additional charges and more arrests could be expected as the investigation continues.

    Police Bust Cockfighting Ring at Texas Children's Party -
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  3. For punishment we should throw the 2 they caught in a ring to fight to the death. Winner gets to go free. This shit pisses me off :mad:
  4. Only in texas
  5. Dumb ass people. How can u be so fucked up to animals. People that participate in this shit should get transferred to a third world country and thrown in a dark, windowless jail cell for the rest of their pathetic lives.
  6. I enjoy watching animals fight and feel it should be legal in America, just as it is in many nations across the world.
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    Are you serious?
  8. Completely.

    I also think its ridiculous that it's illegal to eat certain animals such as horses.

  9. its the mexicans, not the texans.

  10. Where the fuck are you from? Defiantly NOT white...
  11. ^^ rofl what? I don't agree with the animal fighting, but what's wrong with eating a horse? Also, why just jump to the assumption that he's not white? rofl
  12. I was born in America, raised as an American and continue to live in America.

    My race/ethnicity should have nothing to do with my opinions. If you want to know, I'm mixed.
  13. I was raised where we ride/ use horses for work not food. Im sure it wouldnt taste bad but why kill something that you can put to use in so many different ways than a cow/chicken??
    Your a sick person if u "enjoy" to watch other dogs kill other dogs, chickens that kill other chickens and what ever else u like to watch kill each is wrong with u?

    What is ur mixed race you seem to be proud of? Mexican?
  14. Why do you care so much about my ethnic background?

    No, I don't have any Mexican/South American blood (That I'm aware of).

    I'm part white.
  15. I've seen UFC wrestlers fighting, getting brain damage, broken bones, blood loss.

    How is animal fighting bad? they do it all the time in the wild.

    Let's go arrest that bear for killing a salmon in the stream guyths
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    So you think you think it's completely fine that innocent dogs, like the one I rescued, who is missing teeth from where they were pulled out, cutting his tail off, beating him so that the other dogs could learn to practice on him? To be meaner.

    God I'm really pissed right now
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    Animals in the wild do not torture each other for fun. It is almost always for food or place in herd. Majority of the time, if they do injure each other, it is because of lack of space from humans.

  18. Yeah these guys were definitely white lmfao...

    ^Jose Lara and by judging with Irasema Ramirez's name I am going to go ahead and say he is probably Mexican too. It's a known fact that many Mexicans like to fight cocks :D
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    iewed and alrex must be both retards.

    disrespect/ trolling is not tolerated
  20. so some mexicans got arrested for whipping their dicks out at a kids birthday party

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