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CoCanna Oil Potency Question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SivineDativa, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Hi all, I recently made about 2.5 cups of CoCanna oil (using appx 980ml of coconut oil, appx 33% loss) from over 2 ounces of vaped material with around 10 grams of mostly stems. I cooked it for about 6 hours, maintaining around 160-170 degrees in a crock pot. 

    I just recently made some brownies and I know I didn't melt all of the oil for even distribution. Further, I let the brownies sit in the oven (heated to 300 degrees) for about 10 minutes longer than expected. They came out somewhat dry on the sides but overall seemed like a success.

    My problem came when I tried about 5 of the brownies on the side of the pan and didn't feel anything. Today I took a brownie that had many of the "pits" or hotspots from uneven oil distribution and I hope it works but I had some questions...

    1. Can overly dry brownies lose the THC? If they were cooked dry will that affect the thc content? 

    2. Is the material I used enough? The vaped material was from fairly good outdoor bud and I was reading that vaped material has already been decarboxylated so I figured it would be stronger.

    3. My first test was around 1-2tbsp into a cup of tea with little noticeable effect. My second test of almost 2tbsp into a bowl of chili had little effect as well (although it was added prior to microwaving for 1 minute on high). 

    I'm hoping someone can help me figure out where I may have gone wrong. I don't know if I don't feel edible goods quite as well as smoked material or if I didn't use enough material for the oil or if my methods are flawed.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    How much oil did you use in the brownie recipe?
    Ignoring the 10g of stems, if you used 2oz per 2.5 cups of oil, that's 12.8g per cup of oil.
    On the high end, if you used 1/2 cup and then cut the tray into 9 brownies, that's 0.71g per brownie. Most people I know would consider this a reasonable dose, assuming good technique/ingredients and FRESH herb (not ABV).
    On the low end, if you used 1/4 cup and then cut the tray into 16 brownies, that's 0.20g per brownie. Most people I know would consider this a low dose using FRESH herb (not ABV).
    For ABV edibles on the other hand, I would shoot for 1g per brownie.
    BadKittySmiles has an excellent how-to stickied at the top of this forum. You should follow it exactly next time, and use fresh herb or concentrate (not ABV) if you want strong effects. Good luck! :)
  3. The brownie I tried earlier is having a reasonable but somewhat subtle effect and it was likely 1/9 of the brownie pan (which I think is an 8x8 pan). The ABV was usually ran once or twice through the vape at around 400-410F. 

    It seems hard to make AVB edibles because of the amount of material to cannabinoids ratio. It seems like it would always be comparatively weaker than using fresh herbs.

    I was also wondering about your opinion on decarboxylating fresh herbs and also AVB. 

    Thanks for the response, it is much appreciated!
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    I would probably like your brownies very much. :) I like to make my edibles intentionally on the weak side, so that I have the option to eat 2 or 3, and maybe vape, too.
    The more you vape, and the higher temp, the less is left over. I personally like to leave a little green in my ABV, since I know I will be making edibles, I don't have to worry about being a super-efficient vaper and squeezing out every last molecule.
  5. I have a feeling it just isn't potent as I would usually like it. It has the green color even though most of it was brown material. It's almost the same color as the quick reply box, maybe a little more green. Tastes like it's there but maybe it's less of the THC and more of the CBD/CBN? 

    Thanks for the help and comments, it helped me conserve on green which is good. I'm glad I have a platform to go off when I make my next batch though, and some helpful tips for the next time :)
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    Rule of thumb is to use 2x the amount of ABV as you would if you used decarbed fresh. To figure a good dose take what you would normally smoke in a sesh and that should be your ediable dose. So if you smoke a 1/2 gram joint, 1/2 gram should be your dose. With ABV it would be a full gram. Absolutely decarb your bud before you make Medical Grade Coconut Oil for 20 min @ 220 in a foil pouch.

    After reading your post We think you Vaped most of the goodness out of your MMJ then overheating in the oven my have degraded your product even further. A good way to use your ABV is to mix it with fresh decarbed. Helps the budget if you don't grow.

    Happy Mediables Growmies

    If you want to master the art of Mediables as was said earlier BKS!

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