Discussion in 'General' started by Kimborasta, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. It seems like the danger of cocaine isnt being said.
    It DOES fuck you up in everyway. (things like paranoia, mad itching sensation..etc)
    Some people claim coke is more addictive than smack and in mansfield where i live, coke is like by far the most expensive drug around.

    I still think smack is worst tho. Ever seen trainspotting? That was one of the most scariest film ive seen.
  2. oo what a coinky dink. i think my hubs is using coke behind my back. i'm pretty friggen sure of it. and he's makin it seem like i'm the one in the wrong. it's all in my head..blah blah blah. well i've got a little something up my sleeve and i'm a few steps ahead of him. he's in deep dog do do if my plan works out.
  3. uh oh daisy, thats no good!

    whats the plan you have?? im sort of in the same situation, i think my buddy dave is on coke too...

    i dont like coke, bad coke! bad! down!
  4. well, i was goin to rent a serveillance camera(a small one i can hide)and instal it in the basement. but i'm gunna give him another chance i think before i go to far lol. if he's into coke, a week or two wont matter. so i'm gunna let him get comfy first. and if i still suspect it then i'm going to get the camera. lets pray i don't have to go that far.
  5. trainspotting is mainly about heroin.
  6. i dont know much about cocaine, but that was one badass eric clapton song my friend, yes it was

  7. i know a few people who used to freebase smack reguarly, and they quit and are fine now.. its obviously not that harmfull... i'd still never do it (more than once) though...
  8. I also have two friends that have been blowin coke more often lately . . . I'm not happy about it, and sincerely hope they don't become true addicts.
  9. wtfs smack??~[​IMG]
  10. well heres a little update on my situation. the hubs has finally come clean with me. and things are goin really good finally;)

    a long and deserved sigh of relief!!!
  11. smack = heroin
    if you didnt know...
    well iam UKer therfore i dont blame u for not knowing...
  12. Smack around here is what people ask for/talk about when they're talking about the white powder herion.

    Herion here is the real deal. The black tar, less synethic stuff.

    I don't know if everybody's location is like that, but thoose are pretty common terms around this parts.
  13. cocaine isn't that harmful of a drug unless you let it be. The addiction is mainly mental and if you respect the substance, nothing will come of it. Though it's still illegal and not really recommended to use...

  14. true, i have no desire for the stuff. i've done it enough to know what it's like and it's alright, but honestly, for me, i enjoy the high more when i smoke bud.
  15. amen to ya all... fuck cocaine...smoke weed... its the best drug ever...althought its not a D.R.U.G
  16. grass roots, that's the typical words of a junkie.

    i'd still never do it (more than once) though...
  17. Actually, tar is the dirtier heroin. Less potent and cheaper. Then comes Mexican brown. White is the closest to pure you'll ever want to come.
  18. anyone watch the Family Guy episode when brian gets addicted to coke? lol funny shit.
  19. i would think heroin and crack would be the most addictive.....but round my old hood, meth was a huge problem....especially in em white trash trailor homes.......
  20. Id like to try coke just once but its sooooo fucking expensive, if someone offers Id like to try it.....

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