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    I know alot of people are against the use of cocaine and if you are and don't have anything constructive to say and just want to flame please be cool and don't post.

    Anyway, I like to do cocaine, It's in my top three favorite drugs. I never had a problem with it or anything but occasionally i am struck with cravings for it, like i really wanna get down on an eight-ball or something. I remember the first time i did it i didn't really feel anything except i felt like i was gonna puke because the numb feeling at the back of my throat was making me gag and the drip was horrible tasting.

    Now i love the numb feeling on my gums and i love the taste of the drip and that first line is like having sex.

    I know alot of other people here have gotten down with the booger sugar. I just wanna know what their first time experience have been like. How many of you still do it? How many of have you sworn off the lady in white? How would you rate it amongst other drugs? Should it be Legal?

    I want this to be an intellegent discussion about a relatively controversial topic and i hope that everyone will be cool and mature. And if you have any other interesting points or topics related to the nose candy please bring it up.
  2. pandoras...?
  3. lol I got no problem with but the fact that you asked "should it be legal" is hilarious it has absolutely no medical use, it does not benifit you in anyway im sorry but that was funny that part
  4. My first time doing it was after drinking a pint of vodka my junior year in high school. My buddy and I both split two pints and a gram... we got fucked up and called this guy that was talking shit the day before to see if he wanted to fight but he pussied out... so we ended up calling this chick to come over so we could fuck her. We were absolutely TORE UP. I mean FUCKED UP.

    I had to go to work later that day, and ended up having to go home earlier. I was way too hungover from the vodka and the comedown. This made me stay away from the shit for another year.

    Then I started hanging out with a former coke dealer down the street from me. We just smoke blunts all day, but sometimes he finds a good deal on some blow and buys it to flip and do some (he used to be a HUGE dealer, waiting for trial right now). Anyway, he did about 2 grams with me total. It wasn't as bad this time, I could actually tell what the cocaine felt like by itself (with weed, of course). This time, probably because I wasn't drinking, I didn't have a come down so that experience was nice.

    Then I had a friend that sold a lot of weed and started to sell blow. He got good deals and was a good seller so he always had a lot for personal use and to share. He would spend the night with me for days to trap out of my house and feed my nose all day every two days or so, with a break in between.

    I never developed a problem with it, because no matter what, the next day I never craved it. It was just always around and as long as I felt like I didn't crave it, I would do some. He eventually stopped selling blow because of the heat on him, so in turn I stopped doing it so much. I would never EVER pay for cocaine, because it's not worth the high prices... plus I had someone who would give me however much for free whenever...

    I haven't done it again in a while, I kinda wore out my welcome. I did it enough to know whether I wanted to continue using or not. I don't do it hardly ever anymore, but if I ever want it I know where to get it.
  5. Yes, it does have a medical use. Great for oral pain. Used to be used by dentists a LOT.
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    No Medical use?

    When they have to do eye surgery they use it as a topical anesthetic, works better then anything else that exists today. And sorry if its in the wrong forum.

    If you really want to get into a debate about legalization i can give you many more reasons to legalize then to have it illegal but I'm not gonna turn this into a flame contest.

    If a mod would move this that would be great.

  7. yeah for surgery it helps, but in a non-medical way it does more hurt than good... recreational use of it has very little ups & tons of downs.. there is no valid point for recreational use

  8. hmm id like to see that

    and there is no point in a move

    just delete and copy and paste this into the cocaine appreciation/open discussion thread in pandora
  9. Pfft I cannot see coke ever being legal.
  10. Coke should not be legal, for the simple reason... It's a very addictive drug. I've had friends who blew coke waaaay too much and literally lost a chunk of cartilage from their nose.. Go easy on the white lady, she's not as forgiving as mary jane is.

    I've dabbled in some yay now and then... Most I've ever blown is 2 very small lines.. Probably about 1/5th of a normal coke user's line.

    First time I tried it I sat next to the bong all night smoking back to back bowls alll night long drinking waaay too much beer... Everyone wanted to stop smoking, but I kept on smoking throughout the night... I ended up passing out in the backyard right next to my puke.

    I've only blown yay maybe 3 times? I don't really know, but I've never spent money on it. Okay, the first time I spent 10 dollars but that was the only time and it was just so I could experience it... You only live once ya know.

    I do enjoy the numbies for sure. Licking the end of your cig and gettin the yay to stick to it is the best thing you can do with yay imo.
  11. if coke is legal before weed,
    i'm moving back to africa and forgetting english.:wave:
  12. get out of the 80's

    stick with dat green shit

    i aint tryin to hate though, im just sayin
    coke fucks up some dudes lives

    ive seen it first hand
  13. Ive done like 4-5 times i think.
    I like it alot, but i dont want to get addicted to it, and i see how people get addicted to it real easily, it feels damn good.
  14. yeah i would just say don't do it, or stick to a once a month use at most, that's not something id fuck with, just me though.

    My father has basically ingrained this question into every scenario that exists, "what good can come of it?" And it really is a good thing to ask yourself before you do anything. Coke? You feel good for 45 minutes...and then you want to feel good some more...and more...Mary Jane? You feel good for a good while and when you're done, if you don't have any, you'll pick up some more sometime in the future, it's not a big problem if you're dry for a little while...

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