cocaine, yay or nay (lol)

Discussion in 'General' started by dankwanted, May 4, 2006.

  1. allright you guys this is purely just to know how many weed smokers actually use cocaine in some way rather it be sniff, smoke, or put in a dirty

    just for statistical reasons

    and for the record ive been smoking for a while but i never smoked a dirty yet and i dont want too because im too scared of the addiction, i mean i started weed and never quit coke is too expensive
  2. dont fuck with it..stick with MaryJ
  3. Coke is fun, it doesnt really pose a threat to me getting addicted because of its extreme price and my extreme low wealth.

  4. ill smoke a dirty if its given to me, but i wont go out a pay for it though
  5. I will never do coke, because i know, hat if i do it once, i'll do it more often. It was the same thing with weed: First i only wanted to smoke in the holidays, then on weekends, and now i smoke whenever i got the possibility. Since it's only bud it's not that a big deal, but if it'd be coke it would fuck me up.
  6. personally dislike it on all fronts

    I've given it a shot more then once in many ways

    out of a total 17 grams (thankfully all free or matched to herb) ingested only one try was enjoyable and this was based on it being combined with sexual stimulation which was followed by a stuffy nose headache bloodpressure crash worse then any xtc or speed binge ever

    high bloodpressure..numbed out face...stuffed up nose moronic chatter that makes stoner talk seem intelligent as hell... not to mention the easy risk of poisoning ones self

    the amounts I was insufflating in a 5 hour period were insane and I had no clue because the bumps looked so small snorted straight from the bag so vomiting your guts up feeling like shit...all comes with oding on coke and it's not all that hard to do if enough is in front of you

    all around a useless rec drug... may help for toothaches sinus pain and so on but its no where near as good as mdma or meth for focus energy euphoria
  7. i hope nobody lies on these, its just for fun
  8. man i dont know a dirty every now and then is streight like i mean 2 a month maybe but up tha nose and shit naa i aint even bout dat cuz
  9. Wow. Because of you I will never touch it. Thanks :wave:
  10. I will be honest. I have snorted it a hand full of times and smoked only a few dirties. Coke is not that bad if you don't get addicted to it and ONLY do coke if you can get it for free. It is just not one of those drugs thats worth buying and I wouldn't do it too often either. But if you can your hands on some don't smoke it in a dirty just go ahead and snort it.
  11. smokin wu-bangers is fun but sometimes i dont like it when my face gets really numb and i have to do some shit i look like a retard. Ill take some bumps but only if they are getting tossed my way be someone i just smoked up or something. i would never pay for coke, its not my drug of choice.
  12. i get some of the bombest coke around the general area and the people i sell it to when i get it say its fuckin fire, only takes a little 1 inch bump to get speedy as hell, but personally i cant really even feel coke i dont get like super up and high, i cant drink alcohol either cuz i dont get drunk i jus get sedated, perhaps if i mix the 2.... hmmmm

    but anyway i voted "i smoke crack" haha cuz i honestly do here n there, like some people get coke every now n then, but i get crack, way better, u aint gonna get a bell ringer off coke, and bell ringers are trippy as fuck, its like ur in a movie where shits supposed to be fast but its goin in slow motion n it has this weird sound to it
  13. ^ the majority of what I snorted ingested or vaporized (also tried a rice paper quid of .5 gram) was pure as fuck

    it looked like some insane planets surface all shimmery and shit...very beautiful in a way that makes you think 'yes I could become addicted to this soft looking goddess' melted right on cue in my vaporwarez vape and digital readout heatgun and tho I've never experienced crack and never will this shit hit hard

    anywho I've experienced that slow mo thing but not with coke

    5 methbombed x tablets 3 high content mdma tablets and a gram of pure mda

    popped 3 mb's 1 good one the other 2/2 upon peaking an hour later followed by the gram spread across 4 rails in the next hour

    I settled for a few then got some water ...the second the last of it hit my stomach i felt my whole body start whining at high freq then seemed to vanish into this teddybear plush cloud like feeling full body

    when i turned around everything sort of wooooo wooooo'd in this hollow thwang of some sort and I sorta floated luckily landing on the toilet seat
  14. i havent tried but i intend to soon...........i will try anything once so i will see what happens...........:)
  15. coke is fun but if you let yourself get addicted you will go downhill fast plus its a much bigger dent in the pocketbook then weed!
  16. Same situation here. I do it whenever I get the chance but it's not economically feasable for me to become an addict.
  17. Coke is only good for long nights of drinking. Keeps you up and relatively coherent although it does make you chatter like a machine gun.
  18. i snort coke regularly and have never smoked crack in my life, smoked plenty of laced bowls and shit, but i prefer to snort it cause to tell the truth i love snorting things
  19. ...I take lines...when i have extra money.

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