Cocaine question

Discussion in 'General' started by Lame_duck, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. My friends and i are getting a gram this weekend for 60 bucks and i was wondering what we should look for in it when buying it cause this is the first time ill be buying it. 151 blunt yessssss.
  2. first off you are getting ripped off. You should be paying $40. Ask him if you can blow a line, if it is rocked up then its probably good.
  3. By me,fishscales are usually 60 a gram.
  4. $60 is pretty high. unless its killer stuff...its hard to tell unless you know what and who/where its coming from..what to lok for? lol, lots of numbness. for sixty? a good, clean and lasting high..that cant be shitty for that kind of loot..hope its a good deal for you. beware, some are out only to rip you off.
  5. either ask to bump a lil bit or dip your finger in it and rub it on either the inside of your lip or the roof of your mouth n wait a lil, if it goes numb quick its good shit, if it takes along time or doesnt even work, dont buy it, and you should only be paying 60 a gram MAX for decent stuff. oh well, i wont be doing any coke anytime soon anyway cuz personally i feel like jus killin myself right now.

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