Cocaine In Breast Milk Caused Death

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, May 26, 2006.

  1. What do you guys think of this?

    WEST BRANCH, Mich. -- A Michigan woman is charged with involuntary manslaughter after prosecutors say her 5-month-old daughter died from drinking breast milk containing cocaine.

    Sara Shelby was arraigned Thursday. If convicted, she faces up to 15 years in prison.

    Prosecutors claim Shelby used cocaine and the drug was passed on to the baby through her breast milk.

    Shelby's lawyer said that he and his client disagree with the prosecution's theory about what caused baby's death last year. <TABLE class=storyAd cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=storyAdObj>

    Initially, the cause of the baby's death was thought to be sudden infant death syndrome.

    The medical examiner sent samples of the infant's blood to a laboratory for routine analysis, but because no foul play was suspected, the samples weren't tested until recently.

  2. ..... i think that when you have children... you need to be responsible in your use.

    that makes me sick. WHEN a baby is young, if you are breast feeding... you get certain instructions and guidelines...


    if you do coke and you dont think you can stop for awhile whilee breast feeding, because it is obvious that toxins in the body while breast feeding can be transmitted

    ........that story makes me sick to my stomach and so sad. my heart just aches..
  3. or don't breast feed your kid if your on blow.
  4. EXACTLY!!

    just make smart decisions... I made a thread awhile back that discusses doing drugs while being a parent.. and EVERYONE agreed that when you have a child you need to make major changes. that doesnt mean give up your entire life.. but find a balance.. and be smart.

    if you see your kid put a plastic bag over his or her head...take it off.. that is harmful to the child.

    if your doing drugs..... DONT BREAST FEED!!!...use formula.

    what do those things have in common... COMMON SENSE!!!!!!

    Although it makes me think how responsible this parent really is... if she without question continued her fun and made no changes... shes not fit to be a parent.

    Thats just true for anything... not just drugs. Raising a child is a huge load... your life will change.. and you wont be able to live for just yourself.


  5. IF she quit doing coke for the pregnancy, she could have easily have held out for a few more months to breast feed. I think it's sick. A baby shouldn't have to deal with drugs in it's system. If you make the choice to have a child, then make the choice to do what's right for the child because the baby can't make it's own choices.
  6. Some people have shit for brains.
  7. wow what retard
  8. thats bullshit. when youre raising a kid you dont do harder drugs. you need to focus on the child.

    oh and by the way, not every single one of us were meant to procreate.

    we fuckup evolution with medicine. keeping people alive destroys the natural balance.
  9. yeah i seen this a while back, hela crazy
  10. I bet the girl didn't know that it could be transmitted to her baby like that. Very selfish mistake to do drugs el prego, though.
  11. I think this is bullshit and another attack on drugs, as i doubt cocain snorted will go into her boobs in enough cocentration(even for an infant) to DIE, i think there just attacking drugs and the baby died of other causes.
  12. dude cocaine is out of your system in a couple days, but in 2-3 those days it is saturated within your blood stream.

    this is very plausible. people need to be more responsible, media like this only hinders those who seek legalization.
  13. Babies are not able to handle coke...........and yes.... it can be transmitted through breast milk...

    This is not the first case where an incident like this occurred.

    I dont know how it could be another attack on drugs.....IF IT WAS FOUND IN THE BABIES BLOOD STREAM...... and she was a user.....that is wrong.

    even if it wasnt the cause of death.... the babies body had coke in it.. do you honestly not find that wrong

    this is not an attack on drugs.. just an attack on the mother who DID NOT THINK about her use and how it would effect her child.
  14. It can easily piss the public off about it, baby have cocaine in its blood and being killed by it ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, while i dont like EITHER its BULLSHIT that the baby was killed by it short of being in the womb and being directly connected to moms bloodstream
  15. Ok, show me proof of this. I'm sure you know more than a Medical Professional.:rolleyes:

    I'm sure lots of people use coke in the same way this lady did with little to no adverse effects, but there are plenty of ways that coke could be directly and indirectly responsible for the death of that kid. What exactly are you trying to defend here? drugs? i hate to say it but drugs are bad sometimes dude. They're bad in excess, just like everything else in life.

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