Coca Cola Employees, or anyone that knows someone

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  1. This is lame, I know.

    Does anyone directly work for Coca Cola or know anyone that does? I just got offered a $4 raise (from my current job) to work for them.

    Catch is, I smoked 2 days ago & I have almost no way of passing this drug test on my own. So I am curious as to what kind of drug test it is. From my own research I know its a urinalysis but is it from a lab or somewhere else & do they watch you or let you go into a bathroom alone?

    I'm FREAKING out & bitching to myself about how big of a dumbass I am when I got the phone call offering me the job.:hide:
  2. First off, calm down. I take it you already have a job, so you're in a good position. I don't know the particulars, but I would imagine that you'd have to give at least 2 weeks notice, take this opportunity to clean out your system and go on a T-Break.
  3. Nope, I gave my 2 weeks yesterday to my current job (I could but would rather not revoke that, I hate that place) but Coke is making me pick up a "packet" by tomorrow & then I have X days to take the test from tomorrow after I get the packet. The packet will answer my question probably but I want as much time as I can get.
  4. do a lot of running and working out drink a lot of water and to be safe get some flush free niacin from publix or wherever if you can

    at least you'll know you did what you could ...
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    Yesterday & today I took: (per day)

    (2) 500mg Niacin
    (3) Cranberry extract pills
    (3) B12 vitamins
    (1) 3L of water

    Oh yeah, I smoked everyday prior to me detoxing. My friend just came up with an idea, he's going to call Coca Cola headquarter & get information for his "project for school" reguarding companies & their drug testing requirements & how they perform them.

    I love my friends.

    But directly from an associate or someone knowing one would be GREAT!
  6. Put a cople drops of th stuff that kills algae in a fish tank. This will prevent the amonium molecules in the urine from keeping a charge and the THC won't stick to them.
  7. work out a shitload and load up on fluids.
  8. Bleachers. Or drink fucklaods of water.
  9. I will not drink bleach.

    I've drank 5L of water today.
  10. sounds like you're gunan be fine man you're doin good

    and if you fail like I said at least you know you did what you could and you werent lazy about it

    so good luck to ya
  11. Thanks man, appreciate it greatly. me and a friend pretty much narrowed it down to be a 5 panel strip test thats done at a clinic but my last obstacle is hoping nobody watches me. If nobody watches, I'm golden & if they do.... shittt.
  12. Just get someone else to piss in the bottle for you, wont be hard. Hell, if I didn't smoke in the past month I'd meet you halfway whereever and give you my piss since we're in the same state.
  13. Detox.

    I bought a 5 pill detox kit at a headshop because I was getting a court ordered drug test. Bought it for ~$25. Took the five pills ~an hour and a half before and chugged water and passed.
  14. hey man a product that works great is azo standard. i used it and was clean in about twelve hours or so. after not smoking for a week or so.

    just goto the search and type in azo standard and pick one of the threads theres alot of info.
  15. Where are you in Virginia?
  16. haha i like how all the virginians are preparing to offer their piss :p
  17. Working out and sweating a lot will help the most, along with a lot of water.
  18. LOL, thanks guys.

    most of you are missing the point of this thread, I know what I'm going to do when I find out what type of test it is, but I can't do anything until I know that. Telling me how to pass a drug test is NOT what I am looking for as an answer. If I wanted that, I'd use the search button.

    But since I believe its a 5 panel in a clinic, I will be picking up some clean piss tomorrow thanks to a good friend.

    & to answer, I'm in Virginia Beach.
  19. Not bleach, bleachers. You can get them online, designed to clean out anything unwanted in your system.
  20. I took a drug test at the local rehabilitation center which I assume gives out legit urine screens ofr $60. All I did was chugged water 2 hours before my test until I urinated clear water every time. I passed the drug test and I had smoked 2-3 days before I had to to take it, but don't take my word that it will work for you. Since THC isn't water soluble it floats to the top of your bladder leaving the water at the bottom. When peeing never use the last of pee seeing that it will be straight thc.

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