cob flowering kelvin?

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  1. I hav bin looking into Cree cxb3590's and I want a setup for flowering. What kelvin do I need to flower?
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    Some people like to blend 3k and 3500k or go straight 3k. A few rebels like to use 2700k. The higher the k rating the more blue compared to red. The more blue compared to red the more stretch you'll tend to get in the plant. I'm currently running 3500k on the last fixture I bought and it has more stretch to the plants then the light it replaced. It can be good or bad. It's a welcome change to me and can promote larger colas. My other leds tended to grow too compact.

    3k on everything is the traditional go to flower spectrum for white leds. 4k is the traditional go to spectrum for veg but some like 5k or a blend of 4-5k.
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